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VIC Eastlink Bill

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by 2wheelsagain, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. I got 2 Eastlink bills in todays mail.
    I have an Eastlink account.
    I was on my VFR and the trips were taken however it appears when I added the new bike to the account and removed the Bandit I entered the first character as a "I" instead of a 1.
    The reg was taken from the bike invoice where I and 1 look the same in some fonts. I hadn't picked the bike up at the time.

    Is it worth challenging? The Bills total $25. A quick check of their system would have shown that everything else matches. I called today but their system was down and the customer service person couldn't do anything except to say to call back tomorrow.

    Its probably a mistake on my part and will pay if I have too.

    What do you think?
  2. Always worth talking to them about it. Nothing to lose, and your intention was good. They'll probably just charge you the tolls and waive the rest. Probably......
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  3. Can I ask how many trips you made or didn't for your $25.00 ?
  4. I did something similar with my citylink account recently, accidently switching the letters "Doh" but I made a call and it was all fixed just paid usual toll.
  5. I've just had exactly the same problem. Mine was O and 0 lol. I couldn't tell the difference. I told them I wasn't sure when I listed it. I've made 4 phone calls and they absolutely refuse to refund the charges. Vicroads couldn't even tell me the difference between the number plates and I added mine to account before I had rego papers like you. I made them listen to the phone call I originally made and they say that it's their property and I am not allowed to hear it back. So I don't know what was actually said and they didn't transcribe the phone call on paper to me. They also sent me out a letter saying I have to pay the charges but they wrote the wrong month down on it which on paper meant I didn't have to pay anything. So I called and challenged that saying I have written proof I don't need to pay. They said sorry we have made a mistake you still have to pay we will resend a new letter. I said that's bullsh7t why can't you remove my extra charges for my mistake then. You just made one. Nope. They are ar5eholes. I spend thousands of dollars a year on that road with work they are absolutely scum and arrogant on the phone
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  6. #6 2wheelsagain, Oct 29, 2014
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    the $25 includes a couple of VR lookup fees and some other charges.
    I'll be ringing them today. It's not enough to lose my sh!t over but it would be nice of them to just debit my account for the tolls and waive the rest.
  7. I love eastlink fees.

    its $3 * approx to go on it.

    but if you don't have an account or don't pay for a trip pass, turns into 14.95$ and then some... from my experience.
    such a rort.

    I think you should challenge this one as its an honest mistake... they probably won't care cus all they want is $$ but its worth a shot.
  8. Do tell me how you go as I am yet to pay my $47 in charges from 3 return trips
  9. Well their website is still down and they can't help or check anything until its back up apparently. I'll try again tomorrow.
  10. Just got off the phone to Eastlink.
    Good result. They are waiving a couple of fees but not the Vicroads lookup fees.
    Only $16ish payable now.
    It helps to pass the attitude test and acknowledge the error if there was one.
    These mistakes happen all the time apparently :-O
  11. good result :]
  12. When Eastlink was new I took a couple of trips on it before I realised that bikes were tolled.
    I rang citylink first to see if bikes could be added to the car account, no sorry - we can't do that.
    So then I rang Eastlink and asked them what I should do. They advised I should open a new account for the bike, even though bikes aren't required to carry a tag, and then once it's set up they could add the fees for the trips I'd taken. If I received a notice in the mail that had been raised in the meantime just to give them a call and it would be waived.
    They were ever so helpful and happy to receive my money.
    I guess it depends on who answers the call and your approach.