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Eastern Suburbs Sydney Riders?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DUK35, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Hey guys - just wondering, Besides Loth, Duff, Charms and I - are there any other Eastern Suburbs Sydney Dwellers out there?

    we are a bored bunch of riders looking for more people to painfully try to catch up to Ihaveduff lol

    we are interested in group rides, hang outs, Coffee nights, Practice sessions and what not.

    It'll be nice to get to know all the eastie riders :)
  2. bahahahaha catch me?? Darius does pretty well! :cool:

    and i'm slow compared to other NR members... (qbnspeedfreak, matchstick...)
  3. Maybe in the twisties, but I'd say you're faster in traffic than them!

    I'm in paddington tuesday, wednesday and thursday.
  4. sweet, we'll do coffee on tuesday/weds/thursday...
  5. G'day,

    I'm in Rose Bay, work for myself, and with notice can usually do rides day or night. I love getting away for weekends on the bike, have you guys ridden the Oxley hwy??

    Anyway hope to catch up sooner rather than later!
  6. The Oxley? Oh yeah! When are you next doing Thunderbolt's Way? Some of us did that in October last year, what a great road......
  7. Im not from the Eastern Suburbs, But close by in the South East. I live in Kirrawee.
    I work shift work, so i guess i could be available for rides on any day, depending on where the shift is up to.
    I dont really have any mates who ride, so havent done much group riding, but happy to start.

  8. haha good to see i got a mention in the eatsern subs thread being from canberra haha, i reckon phizog would beat me at the moment, fuggen gs god i hate it now :LOL:
  9. i work regular hours (8 - 4 or 5) monday to friday, so i'm usually free for an evening/night ride... or weekend ride!

    qbn, course you get a mention! bloody nutcase canberran :p ... Still think you'd beat Phizog... i DID see him dragging a granny in a volvo and losing :LOL:
  10. how nice would riding in Canberra be tho!!!

    nice smooth roads
  11. freezing cold winters brrrrr
  12. cold is good :p
  13. lol james you dont know what you are talking about i mean when you go for a ride in winter here you wear a singlet a t-shirt a jump, winter jacket with lining and you still freeze
  14. Not to mention the ice on the roads down there...

    Thunderbolt's, yes an awesome road. would love to do a weekend away soon riding the Bucketts way, Oxley and Thunderbolts.

    hmmm, who would be interested???
  15. I'm in!!!
  16. i'm up for it!! i don't know the roads so you'd have to lead
  17. yes - someone else is leading besides Duffman.

    [-o< I hope I can follow better this time cos Duffman is too fast for me.

    hahaha :p

  18. me me me lol if you's do it on a saturday in about may would be great haha
    i could make an over nighter of it and get some other canberrans in possibly
  19. :-w
  20. lol shoosh you just coz you live at the snow