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Eastern Creek Track Days?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by DangerFox, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. How often do they hold track days? What are the costs, conditions and how many kms do you think i should of riden before i attempt it?

  2. That should help you out man!
  3. I went to my first track day at Eastern Creek about 2 months after i began riding, was going really slow at first, but everyone there is really friendly and glad to help you out.
    I found it greatly increased my confidence and control on the bike, would recommend it to anyone personally. :)
  4. Make sure you get there real early so you can take advantage of the newbie intro stuff ... real important, and if you have a great day, maybe some one close to you could put under the Chrissy tree a day at the "Superbike " school or similar. You will learn so much at these things about riding and things not to do when riding in one day that could take you multitudes of track days to learn ... and they are fun.

    The creek has some interesting challenges, all the best and enjoy it.
  5. If you are new to riding (or getting back into it after several years away, as I was) I'd suggest doing the Stay Upright Advanced course or equivalent form another training organisation. Not cheap, but good money spent.

    They'll arm you with a bag of tricks for road and track that you can then work on developing at track days.

    Just remember; the talent scouts don't attend track days looking for new talent, and

    you will get physically and mentally tired at the end of the day, don't think you have to stay to do the last session. :wink: