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N/A | National Eastern Creek Track day for 250s

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Blaz, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone, Im really looking forward to taking my 250 out for its first track day at Eastern Creek. I have set up everything the way I want and have worn in all my gear nice and comfortably. All that is left to do is book a good date for a track day.

    The thing is, I wouldn't mind doing a track day with a few other 250 riders. So if there are any 250 riders out there looking into doing a fun track day let me know which date you have booked in, given that the weather forecast is good I may book the same day. I was thinking somewhere around Feb/March , it's a bit late notice, but I cannot wait!

  2. You probably won't find too many smaller bikes out there. I was out there with my 125 but who gives a hoot? Just don't change lines suddenly and you'll be right. And if it rains, you may even get to pass a bigger bike... it does wonders for your head/ego.
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  3. This ^^^^
    You'll have a blast on whatever you ride. If you get a few more 250 peeps, great, if not don't sweat it and just have fun.
  4. Yeah!, im keen either way 250s or not. I just thought it would be a bit more fun to have a few smaller bikes out there.

    The only thing stopping me from booking in for a day next week is the weather!
    I want my first eastern creek day to be a dry one
  5. Agreed, dry's always good!

    Hopefully you'll get some positve feedback from the smaller bike crowd and have a blast. Good luck, have fun.

  6. Until you crash like I did trying to round up bigger bikes on a 125 in the wet.......sometimes theres no point since theyll blast past you again on the straight like your standing still.

    This is why a track day at the creek is so bad......you gotta book a long time in advance and hope that your particular day is dry......try going to other smaller tracks where you can normally book on the day, when you know 100% that the weather will be dry..................
  7. I've said it onc and ill say it again.... AMBULANCE CHASE on the day. You'll only miss out on 1 session or two tops!
  8. Booked in for this Tuesday 19th Feb !! :applause:

    Can't wait
  9. Lol this is because you can't ride lmao.
    Yeah they will blast past you in the straights but your telling me your Gona sit behind someone and waste a valuable session dawdling about ????????
    If your a competent rider it's not hard to out ride some of the bigger bikes if they can't ride.
  10. I had fun tagging along and passing a Bussa at Wakefield :)....................but yeah im chicken s*** when it comes to passing :(..............more track time and more dirt time is what Dr. Marty recommends :).

    Sometimes its good to fight to be infront but at others I think the risks is too great to pull off a daring maneuver...........

    Buttt a 125 is sick fun to ride especially at smaller tracks............
  11. I never mind the bigger blokes passing me on the straight. They have anywhere from 475 to 875 reasons to be faster down the straight but zero on the back half. :p

    I have done a few heavy wet days on the RS125 and it's not as easy as people think it is. The sudden power surge at 6000rpm (unrestricted) is enough to throw the back end out when exiting some corners at EC. The power delivery is not so linear like a 4 stroke so you really have to watch your rev counter and be light on the throttle when exiting. Very different when in the dry though, you can really put the power on harder.
  12. watch out for the excess oil hose that comes out on top of the back wheel.................not sure if the newer models had these, mine certainly did.
  13. What time on Tuesday? I wanted to come watch!
  14. I'll be there at 7 for check up and sign in . I think the riding starts at 9. I'm in white group which has their first session at 9:20 I think
  15. Drat..I have to work at that time.. Anything still going at 2:30ish?

    If not, I hope I can get to the next one (if you guys know a week in advance I can book a day off :) )
  16. I believe the track closes at 4:30 , so there will be bikes out the whole time, I know ill be there till it closes
  17. I believe the track closes at 4:30 , so there will be bikes out the whole time, I know ill be there till it closes
  18. Na it goes on top of the chain towards the gearbox now.

    2pm there is still something happening. Personally I prefer to sit out the second morning session and save my energy for later in the day when people have crashed out or gone home... clearer track.

  19. Im fckn with ya bro lol good to hear your getting better.

    I dont sit out the last session but if I'm feeling tired i will drop my pace
    A lot and cruise, I've learnt the hard way.
  20. Usually the last few sessions is better, less traffic and everyone has normally found their footing.............I try not to miss the last session too but did miss it on my last one, was just too knackered...............maybe im just getting old lol.

    Oh the one where I crashed the Ape....I actually didnt miss the rest of the sessions..............the day was cancelled by EC organizers coz the track was in bad condition. They gave us half price discount for the next track day :).............