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NSW Eastern Creek this Sunday 16th Feb

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by northerner, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Just checking if anyone else is going to this track day? Myself and @BillyO will be there.


  2. Damn. Didn't see this post till now.

    I was there yesterday in white group. What group were you guys in?

    Did you stay after it started raining? How many sessions did you get in?


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  3. 16th FEB mate. Pissed down all day - doesn't sound like yours was much better yesterday??! Last 2 track days completely soaking.....

    Got to be due a dry one soon - next one booked in for Mon 21st April (easter monday)....
  4. Haha…yeah, I was there yesterday, not Feb 16th.

    Only did 2 sessions then the rain came down.

    I was pretty disappointed. I'm sure if I waited around I could have gotten one more session in on the end, but my mate wanted to leave and practically everyone left.

    I'm just gonna put wets on next time.

    However, I'm also doing my next track day on Mon. Apr. 21st.

    Doing CSS Level 1 on the 17th Apr, then will do track day on 21st.

    See you then!
  5. Man! Me and a couple others are doing CSS on Friday 18th!
  6. I thought I'd start the long weekend even earlier and booked for the Thursday instead.

    It'll be nice to rest for a few days, then get right back out there on the 21st.

    What group you riding?
  7. Yellow. Definitely gonna be dry..... :)