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Featured NSW Eastern Creek this Friday 22nd?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Lionz, May 20, 2015.

  1. Anyone else in this Friday?

    Anyone got these days covered off yet? Need to book at least one more in. June's good but a Tuesday......... July's miles away, and August don't bare thinking about.

    Tues 9th Jun
    Mon 13th July
    Mon 10th Aug
  2. Hope you have a great day and the weather gods look favorably upon you.

    Here's a picture of my track day 'fund'.....

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  3. Georgie boy that is such a painful process now................ you do know project builders charge you an arm and a leg now for alterations after the fact?
    Shoulda gone for the quadruple garage from the word go Mate ;)

    All the best with the build - hope it doesn't drag on too long like mine did.
  4. Thanks LionzLionz - they start paying damages after 30 weeks so in their best interest to finish!

    I extended one garage bay (of the double) backwards by 3m with a roller door to the back specially for the bikes!

    I'm doing a Toprider track day on the 31st (South Circuit) as a birthday treat, other than that waiting on the build to finish so I can order my Brutale 800rr.
  5. Looks like things are going along nicely. Remember, you can't live with your family in a SMSP garage. Soon the home will be complete and you can get back on the track. Good on you for making the sacrifice for the good of the family.
  6. ................ and then you find out for one day off for rain they want one additional day for drying, and that'll be one day of rain anywhere in Sydney - and therefore one day of drying. B*st*rd small print! Good luck Mate - a new house is certainly a good feeling. Garage sounds sweet too ;)

    C'mon Sen, there's toilets and showers just outside! What family could resist that?
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  7. LionzLionz - how did your day go? Did you at least get a few dry sessions in before the heavens opened up?
  8. Hey George.........
    It hosed down early on and drizzled until about 11.00 am. So i missed the first 2 sessions - didn't fancy all day in wet leathers :(
    Got a wet track session in about 11.30 and then 2 dry sessions, final session was wet as well.

    Not the best day, but not the worst either. All good fun.
  9. Even a wet day at the track is better than a day at work......
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  10. Glad you had a good day and kept the shiny side up.
  11. My sentiments exactly jonnym........... What astounds me is the amount of people that actually make the effort to go, pack all their gear up and load up the bike, hang around for a few hours and then bugger off ! A guy (nice enough bloke as well) buggered off at 11.00 am and the track was dry by 12.

    I'm waaay too tight to do that.
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  12. In preperation for my track day Friday, do you think a rain pants/coat will work over my race suit?
  13. It'll work but probably a little tight. Most don't bother. Try it out and see.
  14. You can get these condom looking rainsuits which fit over your leathers. Plenty use them at track days.
    About $30 from memory.
  15. Cling wrap easier to get in to?

    Hope the weather's good.
  16. Cling wrap keeps the water IN, that's how it keeps food fresh