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Eastern Creek - Sydney - Newbie Track Day 5th/6th March

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jhammy, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Thinking of signing up to do my 1st ever track day at Eastern Creek in Sydney on 5th or 6th of March (thats a Monday and Tuesday).

    There are only slow and fast group slots left so was just wondering if anyone else was interested in joining in for a day out? You can hire bikes and gear there as far as I know if you don't wanna use your own (but if you break it you gotta pay to get it fixed so might as well take your own stuff).

    Would be good to get a few people together with lesser experienced as they do a "First-timers Program which gives new track riders some extra support and initiation into what is likely to become their newfound addiction!" which would be perfect.

  2. **** yes, i'm always up for a track day. Ever since my first one yesterday. Still reeling from the feeling.

    lulwut you're in manly?>

    FYI, the first timers program is basically an extra chat about what to expect and how to go about it all, about taking it easy and all that, and then when the slow groups turn comes up you can opt to follow an instructor around the track to get a feel for it. I would definitely recommend that, if only so you get an idea of the corners and what not.
  3. Ah nice. Where did you go for it?

    Yea following an instructor round a lap or two would be a good start.

    Someone else who's Manly! :beer:
  4. It is the greatest suburb in the world, everyone knows this.

    Yeah eastern creek. I'm keen for another day out there ASAP though. Do you plan on riding out there or throwing the bike in a trailer/ute? It can be much easier driving there as if you do happen to have an off you can still get home; you can also bring as much crap as you like and when you see what the serious track day goers bring, you will understand :p

    You'll need well treaded tires (or slicks) and full leathers, boots that overlap the pants and gloves that overlap the sleeves but you can hire the lot for around $100. If you hire a bike, you can hire the lot for like $60 or something ridiculously cheap.

    Let me know if you do book because i'll come be your wingman :p
  5. It's a man date! Yea I'm def gonna Book it. Any date you prefer then?

    I saw you can hire leathers so was most likely gona get some there just makes life easier.

    Haven't got a car or a ute so was planning on just riding there. Unless you're offering something? ;)
  6. ooooooooh, WUVERS!

    LOL, in all seriousness though: how early do you have to book in for these? Would it be worth going to one if your not a regular rider yet? Will they let you hire a Bike, even if your still on your L's?
  7. Not sure, check the website:


    And your clearly just jealous cuz you not Manly enough! :D

    In all seriousness If your allowed on the track get your ass down too. I know they book up fast as the next available one is this one in March.
  8. Just re-read your post after looking on the website again.

    That depends on how comforable you are currently with riding a motorbike, i.e. clutch control etc. Only you can answer that question but if you're not it may be best to get your confidence up 1st. But you have until March!

    This is the company that hire the bikes ... mark@madaz.com.au ... send the guy an email, and he should be able to answer your question.
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    Yeah me ruv you rong time.

    To my understanding you must be on at least your p plates to track it up.

    They fill up fast, best to book a few months ahead, however people pull out so last minute is an option too.

    No preference for dates for me. Generally I prefer female...
  10. I'm waitlisted for the 5th...
  11. I'm going to book in for the 5th in the slow group. How you getting down there then ad91on?

    Which group?
  12. Yellow - I ran in white group yesterday, and decided that I should probably try running in the next group up next time out.
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    Ok ill book too. I'll try and borrow a ute if I haven't already bought one. Course you'd be welcome to throw your bike on if you're not renting one there.
  14. That would be great. Yea I'll do that and sort you out with money for fuel on the day too.
  15. Alright, all booked up and ready to go (in like 4 months ha, better start getting packed...)
  16. Miraz i hope you have made the right choice I hate yellow I feel white is a safer group every time I've been in yellow I've almost been taken out by retards that think they can ride and shouldn't be in white group I really wish they would time.people and group them by there times.
    Though I do love taking 6 litre bikes in 12 have em smash me on.the straight then.I take em again in 1 as they slowdown to 120 ka or so and then never see em again.
    I was there on the 17th and in yellow there was a 2 bike crash in 3 1 ended upside down on the wall and the ambiance were there for ages.
  17. I was there on the 17th too, i didn't know there was a two bike crash! One of the blokes in my garage on an R6 came off twice successfully destroying his entire fairing but miraculously not doing any more damage than that to his bike. All those stacks really brought down the running times. Was the guy who stacked it in turn 3 alright?
  18. I had a couple of close calls in the white group, I think it just comes down to the luck of the draw on the day...
  19. Hehe fairings are really easy to destroy no idea about the bloke that cane off on 3 I'm pretty sure he went over the wall. Im sure you know the ambos where there for ages and the sessions were cut too around 10 moms each.
    Were you on your vfr ? And white group?
    When your pretty much not getting overtaken by anyone then your ready too move up.
    And Miraz i agree sometimes the groups are good and sometimes there plain dangerous.
  20. aye vfr and white group, was such a great day i am a fully fledged addict now. got both knees down so was pretty chuffed and the tyres look the part now :D