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Eastern Creek surface

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Richem, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Whats the surface of Eastern creek raceway like? Bumpy, rough, smooth. How often would they resurface it?

  2. How about you go ride it and find out for yourself :p

    Its actually not too bad. There are spots on the track which are a bit rough but all in all its probably the best surfaced track in NSW...

    You do have to watch your overtaking on T1 however as its a fast corner and is bumpy on the outside.
  3. It is ok. Get out there, mate.
  4. Better surface than oran park thats for sure :LOL:
  5. there is very little Oran Park in our future.
  6. mores the pity.
    i saw some footage from queensland raceway on OneHD last friday night and that looks like a fair dinkum mogul run. can't be as bad as that. Top racers on current spec superbikes pulling wheelie/bunnyhops over the bumps on the straight, not to mention the corners! Give me broadford or phillip island any day
  7. Such a shame. Oran park is my favourite circuit. Would love to have got a (proper) run on it while there was a chance.

    Did i hear something about a 6hr event at Oran Park in november?
  8. Richem, the track surface is fine. I don't believe it's been resurfaced for some time - perhaps even since it opened. But any worn sections have been patched, and patched well. I've run motards, track bikes and my road bike on it and never had a complaint. After PI, it's the best of the east coast track surfaces.

    Hey Lilley, yes there is a 6 hour at OP: http://www.the6hour.com.au/index.html
  9. Eastern Creek surface is probably the best in NSW, smokes Wakefield and Oran Park. Oran Park surface is probably the roughest grade, Wakefield has some nasty run off areas, Eastern is a very clean track overall and has the best turn 1 in the country.
  10. Gossip is that there will be a 6 hour at Moron Park this year.
  11. Although the groove around turn 2 could be a little better.
  12. True, but it lets you know when you've strayed off the better line.