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Eastern Creek - Sunday 25th September (NEW DATE)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by AznCruiser, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Hi Netrider peeps, I just got this in my Email this morning................needless to say im over the moon and have already booked, and will be in the slow group. Finally a weekend ride especially Sunday :).........a tripple header week as well if you cant make Sunday

    Whois doing this? come on peeps the more the better.....................BTW I dont work for or associated with this mob, I just like the creek because its very close to my house :).

  2. keep an eye out on the new look turn 9, been busy there lately
  3. Turn nine seems to be always busy............my pet peeve though is turns 2-3 along with turn 9..............What changes have they made Goz? ill definately keep a look out for it.
    Work has begun on the first stage of a massive redevelopment of Eastern Creek International Raceway in western Sydney.

    Stage one of the redevelopment will include the construction of a link road, laid between turns four and nine of the circuit.

    The link road will allow the existing circuit to be split into two separate racing circuits, effectively doubling the potential capacity of the facility.

    Future development works, which are scheduled to begin later in 2011, will include a significant track extension, new race control tower and amenities buildings.
  5. Yeah its bullshit
  6. As soon as you said redevelopment hairs started standing up, I thought it was going to be no more tack and redevelop it into a new housing estate or an automotive industrial precinct.

    Goz just sneak into council one night and redraw the plans.............make it however you want, you could even have loop de loops ;).
  7. Booked into the slow group too....
  8. Top stuff Miraz.
  9. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1310614698.043282.

    Pics probably too small to see turn 4 and 9 changes
  10. Yup too small, im going cross eyed looking :)..................we should see it in person soon enough.

    Come on people the more the better....................
  11. Need to sort out some leathers before then....this is going to be like stuffing two pounds of sausages into a half pound bag.

    I'll see if I can grab a couple of aerial photos of the trackwork next time I fly overhead.
  12. [​IMG]
    Image courtesy of Tony aka the TIG.
  13. The small track might actually suit my lil bike :)..........all i need now is to learn how to turn properly.
  14. Had an awesome time at the creek today, Lowndes, Ingall, Dumbrell, Webb, Davison and Whincup where all out there giving their supercars everything it had, friggin awesome i'll tell ya
  15. Hang on WTF.. are you telling me EC was up and running and V8's were racing on it today???
    Yesterday I had a phone call from ECRD to say Fridays track day is canned as the track is unusable and dangerous? Which I'm pissed about as I've booked leave, hotel, etc to come up from Vic. unrefundable.. So coming up for holiday anyway.. but still..
  16. maybe to dangerous for motorcycles, not sure, but yeah, the v8's where tearing up the track today, damn i love watching them, some serious HP right there
  17. they obviously have priority over us a holes.
    any way i missed out and am on the waiting list.
  18. Heres me working hard today

  19. Turn 4 is now complete and was being used today. turn 7 is about to start
  20. Will all works be complete by the 12th?