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NSW Eastern creek Special on track days!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by zx9er, May 27, 2013.

  1. I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a massive sale on at eastern creek. From midday today 27/05/13 to midday tomorrow you can book a trackday for $160 in June on the 25th/26th and 27th.

    I just booked my place for the 25th of June in slow group (white). I find links don't work too well for me on this site but I'll give it a try...


    If anyone wants me to email them the add let me know your email address and I'll forward it to you. Otherwise just go to the website and look out for the 24hour sale on the right of the screen.
  2. Awesome.. passed on the news to a few mates :)(y)
  3. Was just about to post the same thing, good thing I searched the forums first ;)

    I've booked myself in for the 25th
  4. ugh, saving to convert the zx :(
  5. I was going to post this too but flat out at work. @zx9er beat me to it :)

    I'm booked for the 25th too. That makes three NR riders so far!
  6. You'll have to make a new thread when you start putting her together (or should I say stripping her down). I'm defiantly interested in seeing the transformation :) have you started getting any parts already?
  7. Have slicks which aren't fitted, warmers stands and all that. Waiting for a friend to get back from OS and we are going to sort out a trailer. Then fairings, quickshifter n junk after that. Need to get some proper rearsets, scraped a foot peg going in to turn 10 over the top of the hill. I'll start a thread once I get the fairings and have something a bit more visual. :)
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  8. Good deal, but not good enough...........getting wetter and wetter, id rather wait and see on the weather, and especially wait for a weekend date. Better yet, go to Wakefield where they arent so anal about everything and probably less crashes..........

    In saying that, im on the waiting list for this Friday at EC (cross my fingers) and Wakey RYM on the 15th :)...........

    I guess the EC organisers finally saw the light, maybe they arent getting as many people to their rip off weekday dates, especially since they ask an arm a leg and the first born as payment (i.e. rip off prices)........
  9. im holding out for $99 EOFYS prices.
    fat chance. LOL.
  10. Drats just saw this now at 1:14pm.

    How concern are you guys about tire temps/warm ups in winter on the track? I've only ever done it in the middle of summer, and warm ups was not really a concern at all
  11. What type of tyre are you using and how fast are you going?

    If your on slicks and stuck behind some riders in white then the bike will be sliding around..............if your fast enough to be in yellow then your tyres should be warm enough IMO.............EC has many high speed corners and high speed straights which is great for warming up the tyres. If your on slicks and it rains, go staight back in.........also make sure to use warmers when using slicks, if you dont then the tyre will either slip or tear itself to pieces.

    If your using normal road tyre then riding around should be all right....just make sure to warm it up as well. Just in case, maybe circulate for a lap or two just to warm it up (if your not using warmers).
  12. Would be supercorsa (street) .. and timing would be in the middle of white - but that was just the South circuit. I'm guessing that's not enough to get them to temp in winter?

    It's a bit of a chicken an egg without warmers isn't it - you have to ride hard to get it hot, but you need it hot to ride hard.

    Been caught out on the street when these tires weren't scrubbed in properly and only ridden 200m that morning so they were def cold and I didn't factor that in. So don't really want to risk that unnecessarily on a track, if there's a risk they won't get up to proper temps or will simply cool down due to the cold conditions.
  13. :( In another thread, I mentioned that I had phoned the E.C. folk and asked, and was told that I wouldn't be allowed to ride in any of their ride days on a Gilera scooter. Otherwise, I'd have been on for their "sale" price.
  14. I think you'll be fine, just use common sense for the first couple of laps.

  15. +1

    Just to be same the OP should lean like hell :)..............

    If your talking about the last TopRider on the south circuit, many of those guys in white arent really white riders......some of those guys doing wheelies coming out of the pits are red/racers. A few white riders were matching the green and red group.

    Most likely the tyres will cool down.....EC officials tend to hold everyone off on the pits for a loooooong time. Just take it easy though.

    Im a slow-as rider so I should know about taking it easy lol......

    Most importantly stay safe and have fun.
  16. Yeah exactly. Take it easy for a few laps but you should be fine on streeties.

    I was running slicks on my old bike without tyre warmers because I couldn't afford to buy them. It was a waste because I never really found out how fast I could truly go. Now I've sold that bike and unless I have a lotto win or suddenly come into unexpected money I'll never really know how fast I could be on a track bike. No reason I can't have an absolute ball on my road bike though!
  17. Cool thanks guys.

    AznCruiser - na, I wasn't in that track day. Was another Top Rider day about 4 months ago. No wheelie kings just noobs like me :)
  18. Tx for info , I'm going thu 27th for first bike track day ever, bit nervous actually
  19. im a noob too dude........but these trackdays are sooo addictive isnt it?
  20. Snow season, won't be doing any track days for a few months

    AznCruiser, your no n00b anymore mate, your at least ready for the next group up. Your a track day veteran now, I think you've done more than me