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Eastern Creek (SMSP) Track Day Footage

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by UDLOSE, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Anyone that's done a track day at EC will know that you can't film, time laps or do wheelies. I've started doing the ARDC race practice days where you can do all that. It's really good to be able to chuck a camera on and see how I'm riding, it's really helped me improve (self coaching FTW). It's also helped me improve my suspension setup being able to watch the forks from this angle.

    This is on the original GP circuit. The fastest lap in the video is the last flying lap, it was a 1:46.x, best of the day was a 45.2. I've improved 3 seconds off my PB since last day there. Can't complain with that. I also knocked 2 secs off my PB on the Brabham circuit (full track) on Sunday, but no footage since that was a ride day.

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  2. Looking good mate! Whats the average pace like on a ARDC day? I'm guessing I would be way off at this point but good to know you can get a camera out there and track progress.
    Heard its quite a bit cheaper to, are there many requirements to meet to get involved?
    fcuk balls was that a power wheelie at 2:55?
  3. Honestly mate, the pace is quite a bit lower than red group at an ECRD. I get murdered in red by ASBK/FX superbikes, sure I'm passing people in red aswell but the pointy end is much pointier in red. On Sunday in red there was two superbike teams fitting new slicks on every outing. I lost a drag race against one who was coming out of pitlane on new tyres as I was coming around T1 almost even with him, he beat me to T2 :eek:

    Yep, 3rd gear power wheelie :D no one says anything but you gotta be careful you don't do it at a stupid time like when a guy is flying up on you. A guy actually looped out last time doing a wheelie, the marshals had a good chuckle about it.

    As for requirements make sure you have a properly set up track bike because there's no scrutineering. Get your full MA (senior national), then you can pre register for a day which is $130.

    There's no real rules or hand holding at the events they just expect that everyone knows what they're doing. All bikes go out in the one group, so you could be in there with kev curtain on a good day. If you can comfortably run in the middle of green group and are used to people putting fairly hard passes on you you'll be fine. If theres a bike baring down on you they'll throw out the blue flag if there's time so that helps warn you and make things safer. All the bikes are usually in one or two garages and its a friendly bunch.
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  4. Say I've got a way to go yet but definitely something to aim for. 130 bucks! Do you get as much time on track?
    Are you running -1/+2?

  5. -1/+3, i'm tempted to go back to just +2 on the back because on a good run it can tap limiter at the last second before braking in 3rd. I do most of the track in 3rd. It's worth a try, I can compare lap times and top speeds on the GPS and see what works better.

    Theres 5 sessions, I think they are supposed to be 20 mins each. As you can see in that vid I got almost 14 mins on track and I was a bit late coming out onto the track. At ECRD I think it's supposed to be 6x15mins but if you get a genuine 10 mins your doing well.
  6. wow 1:46 that's an awesome lap time UDLOSE

    I've estimated 1:55 on my road bike based on 2:15 on the new track???

    can't wait to get my track bike!

    don't you need an MA license? how do get that?
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  7. Good angle udlose - sounds like a bargain day out to refine skills if you're fast enough.

    Gagging to get out on track again - Oct 12th just got canned by ECRD, next one booked in on Nov 17th...... Gah!
  8. Thanks mate, my best time of the day was a 1:45.2.

    Thats a very decent time mate, especially on road bike. I reckon you'll do high 40s with that time easy.

    As for licensing its a bit tedious but not a big deal.

    Basically start by joining a motorcycle club such as St George. You then apply for your MA through your State Controlling Body (MNSW for us).

  9. thanks for the info, looking for a club now!
  10. I don't have any days booked in yet, but ill definitely be doing a couple before the next race . If they cross over with yours we'll garage up
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  11. You got your 600 back up and running @POPEYE?
  12. yeah i did actually, will be kept as a road bike for atleast 12months, then will by a new bike after we buy a house, Triple or similar. The 600 will retire as a dedicated track bike.

    The 250 will be my track bike for now, stripping it down now for an overhaul

    Still got the Street Triple? You should come for a Putty run with myself milo86 & billyo
  13. Shitballs you actually got that thing working again?!?! How much effort went in to that?
  14. about $2.5k in parts & a dozen Sundays later yes its working.

    it actually runs better now, pretty sure the mechanics didn't hook up the air box properly when they did the major service prior to the crash.
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