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Eastern Creek Ride Day - Whats it like?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Railboy, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Just wondering if any of u guys have done the ride day at Eastern Creek b4?
    I've yet to venture off public rds and was thinking of giving it a go.

    It would require abit of an investment as i'd have to get leather pants (currently just using draggins) as well as the cost of the day itself

    Do people normally go in groups? It seems like theres a bit of waiting around, i'd be going myself - don't want to be standing around like a nigel all day!

    What was your first time like? (I'm talking about the ride day still...) I'd like to hear ppls thoughts?
  2. A group of us, are doing the Friday 25th April EC trackday

    theres some doing the 26th too, but i dont think i can survive the double.

    you can hire leathers at EC if you wish and dont wanna have to buy them just yet. altho they are a bit skanky

    let me know if you wanna join our group
  3. Enjoy it, mate. A rideday is cheaper than a speeding fine
  4. Is it through champions ride days (good setup)? If so they'll hire the leathers required. Don't stress about going by yourself, plenty of others do. Introduce yourself to a few people, its a pretty good environment and you'll probably end up with a few friends by the end of the day.
  5. thats true - get to keep ur license too

    ColRR - am definetly interested - more details? - Cant PM yet....
  6. ....not enough posts....
  7. what level of experience do you need to join in, I'm still on my L's....
  8. You need to be able to safely ride your bike.
  9. You will definately have a good time and probaly be bit of a learning curve (1st time on a race track)..

    I did one about 4 yrs ago.. I quite enjoyed it, even though we had driven up the night before and was out the front gate at 630am in the morning, i slept for bout 30mins that night..
  10. The ride days at eastern creek are exceptionally well run. They have marshalls at most corners and are very quick to take action on any on-track dramas.

    Every one else has covered the main points: you can hire leathers (just specify when you book, and they're not that bad, but if you keep going back do get your own); most people are very friendly so don't worry about going there on your own (I do most times). And the time between sessions goes in a flash while you come down from your last sessions, talk to other riders, etc. The day goes very quick!

    They provide water, coffee, even a visor cleaning station, all included. There is a fridge there to put your lunch in and keep it fresh.

    You get a fair bit of track time - 5 x 20min sessions. They say "track time could be the safest time you spend on the bike", what with no other traffic, etc. Just don't let your ambition outstrip your ability!

    The investment is nothing compared to a speeding fine. And you will go much faster than you will ever go on the road, legally or otherwise.

    I normally ride there and back, but if you put the bike on a trailer it is much better.

    Be careful on Turn 9.

    And yes, it is MUCH cheaper than a speeding fine.
  11. sorry. double post.

  12. Thx 4 da responses

    another thing -

    do i have to take bits off my bike like indicators, mirrors etc?
  13. nope

    but if you crash, it will be cheaper for you if you do. I normally take my mirrors off. If you trailer your bike there take the mirrors, indicators, fender (with rego plate), etc off the night before.
  14. haha - trailer??? - i don't even have a car!