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Eastern Creek Ride Day - Track construction delays = PROFIT

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by ad91on, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Email i received from them:

    Umm, so buy one get one free for me it seems! :D

    It's only for people who had already booked but i am chuffed. FREE RIDE DAY!!!:D :D :D
  2. Damn man, lucky for you!
  3. see how much the half track ride day?................its a rip off.
  4. Sure, but being my first track day i think it might be worthwhile going anyway. Less people, less corners to worry about, less pressure generally, and $50 back AND free ride day. Best news i've had all week :D
  5. I had 2 booked one half price ended up with 2 north circuit days and 2 full circuit days for $298.50 WIN!!!!
  6. Going to be hard to get a day for the first half of the year.
  7. anyone booked in for 17/12/11?

    that is such a win discocbr!
  8. Yep me and ONE are booked in for the 17th
  9. oh awesome! I'm in the noob group. Look out for some asshole on a stupidly colored bike in white leathers :D
  10. Awesome I wouldn't be complaining about that! 2 days for 4/5ths of the cost of one day.

    Sure the north circuit will be a bit sucky but it's still track time.
  11. Sugarplum, I have you know, that I resemble that comment !!!!!
  12. That's bloody awesome. Xmas is fast approaching twice for you lucky buggers!
  13. hey you stole my bit :p
  14. dont know about less people? i did a v8 car track day on the shortened track due to some magazine taking photo's on the other half of the track

    trust me if you know the track, the other half of the track will surely be missed.....& i am sure the bikes will be very bunched up on the shorter course

    btw dont buy Pale Lager, yuck...horible beer, $12.95 for a six pack is what go me ](*,)
  15. that sounds awfully familiar.
  16. As a one off, it may be interesting. T10/11 will be very different since you'll be able to get an upright and faster run up to them, I wonder if a lot of older hands will give themselves a scare and run straight off at T11.

    To me it looks like ECRDs have come to the party given the circumstances, they cop a bashing at times on some forums but this is a really good gesture from them.