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Eastern Creek Ride Day 5th April

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by UDLOSE, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Any NRs going? I'm booked into white group which i've been told i'll regret but its my first time so I figured its the way to go.

    I had one booked on the 19th of feb but had a work emergency and ended up doing an 18 hour day and signed the day over to a mate.

    I'm absolutly hanging to get out there.:biker:

  2. Ill be there with a few others from Canberra and Newcastle. If its your first day the White group is the right one for you. If you feel confident you can maybe move up later in the day or even just wait for your next one.

    Its about enjoying yourself so dont feel like you need to be in a particular group because of pressure from others.

    Ill be on an Orange 675 if you happen to see me:grin:
  3. Awesome, I'll come and introduce myself at some point. I'll be on my black 675.

    I'm just a little scared of white group in terms of people riding irractically. The way my mate explained it to me is that alot of people turn up to white group who have never ridden on the mountains or got their bike over 140kph etc. This is the guy who took the track day for me last month said he was overtaking about 8 people a lap in white which started to get frustrating. I run at the same pace as him on the mountains, he reckons i'd be fine in yellow but i didn't want to risk being that slow tool that holds everyone up.

    Doesn't matter though, I know I'll have a good time.:D
  4. White's a good place to start if for no other reason than getting to know the track.

    If you're the same bloke that was popping wheelies on the way home from a Tuesday night coffee at Randwick a few weeks ago, ask them to move you to yellow group after the first session so they have all day to find space for you.


  5. You know, my birthday is at the end of this month and uni holidays include that date. I'll look into it!

    EDIT actually $310 bucks plus a new front tyre seems a bit out of my range at the moment. Maybe next holidays.
  6. Yeah, I'd love to but the budget won't allow at the moment.
  7. Why $310 I thought it was $229 at ECRD?
  8. :rofl: I think that was me. Was I with an R6 at the time?

    Yeh I know i'll be off to a slow start while I learn the track, I know all the turns etc but its not the same as actually riding them. I reckon I'll get used to it pretty quickly though. I'll see how I go after the first session. I just hope I can get some clear track because I get a bit psyched out by other bikes, its hard not to watch them and follow/react to what they are doing. I've been trying to train myself out of it when riding with my mates on the mountains but I know how they ride and i'm used to them.

    I think the biggest thing for me will be braking. On the road even when I'm riding fast i don't really push it under brakes (and i dont know if i ever want to either). I always roll out earliier and I still use the brakes in the correct way and blip on downshifts and trail it into the corner etc but I wouldn't say that I'm applying a great deal of braking pressure.

  9. I'd need to hire leathers cause I don't have leather pants. I assume they are required for a track day?
  10. What size are you?

    UDLOSE a bit of traffic is part of the day. EC is very wide though and plenty of places to pass so you shouldnt be held up too much. Concentrate on just riding your own pace and most things will take care of themselves. Smooth lines through the corners is a good place to start and this will also make it easier for others to pass you. You will get more confidence through being consistent.

    If it was WP or OP you might feel a bit more angst but EC is a great first track=D> Just relax as much as you can. (easy to say huh?)
  11. Too right. My thought was that you may have made a mistake on the price but obviously you know what you're doing.......that'll teach me to be nosy. :facepalm:
  12. I think it was a 600 you were with. I was at the coffee meet but didn't get a chance to talk to everyone. Your bike was distinctive on the road home though and I had a laugh watching your little show.

    Have a good day at EC.
  13. Ha! I wish!:D
  14. Glad u enjoyed it lol. I made sure not to do anything silly near the cafe so as not to give me/everyone a bad name. I'll probably come down again with my mate at some point, u guys seem like a good bunch of people. I've met a couple of you randomly out on rides in the past.

    Hurry up 5th of April!!

    MitchRohr: Be careful with the gear, I've heard a few stories of people who can't find gear that fits them on the day then end up racing to the nearest bike shop trying to buy a suit. I was talking to a girl who works at my local triumph dealer on weekends and she works at EC track days. I told her I was worried about hiring gear incase I couldn't find something that fits. She reckons the best thing to do is to go down to the next track day to spectate and ask the guys at the gear hire thing and they'll let u try it on. Atleast if u know that they have your size then try to get there early to make sure they don't run out. I now have all my own gear so it doesn't matter for me.
  15. Yeah. On that note I think I'll just get a pair of leather pants. It'll work out cheaper in the long run and the ball sweat in 'em will be all mine!
  16. yeh good idea, sharing ball sweat aint cool. I had visions of sliding into their gear and it still being wet inside! I'm sure its not like that tho lol. Plus I found that wearing full gear takes some getting used to so if your already familier with your gear before the big day im sure it will be one less thing eating away at your concertration. Make sure u get pants that zip to your jacket otherwise they're usless (or u have to them modded).
  17. I would suggest white group. Riding track is very different to street. The amount of entry speed you can carry is insane. It is a different technique. Also for your first track day, you need to figure the track out, figure out tyre pressures, adjust suspension, etc. It's better to do this in a slow group. Plus the fact in the faster groups most use warmers so they are faster than you in the first few laps. Nothing like skating around on cold tyres being passed - its not a good feeling.

    Now a few hints if you are in white group and start passing:
    - if you get caught behind someone be very careful, pple in white people will change lines mid corner.
    - its better if can get past on the brakes - they hopefully see you and keep out of the way. So quicker passing is better. Or do it on the exit hopefully they wont turn in one you.
    - do not pass on turns 1 and 7 unless they see you. 7 is difficult to pass on
    - do not pass on turn 8. It's a bad decision I've seen it too many times (and have done it myself) they will turn in on you. Rather the better idea is gun it out of 8 and pass into turn 9 on the brakes.
    - turn 1 = get back on the throttle, its a fast corner and more throttle means a more settled bike
    - be very careful in turn 2. You will know why the first time round.

    If you are being passed (if you go in yellow) DO NOT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CHANGE LINES. It's the passing riders responsibility to pass if you stay on your line they know where you are and it makes it very easy to get past and you won't hold people up. If you move (even if you think you're getting out of the way) you will at best scare the shit out of them worst you will cause an accident.

    Most of all enjoy the day, have fun and don't get caught up in someone elses bad day.

    EDIT: take it easy in the first session, build up through the day. Don't do what I did last Saturday and crash in the first session. I was very lucky that all I had to do was change a clutch lever. And take a chair with you to the track or your standing up all day.
  18. have a look online - stuff is incredibly cheap from the states.

    Did you end up fitting those linkage plates I sold ya?
  19. I've suddenly freed up Easter Monday, but the Creek is on waiting list only.

    I've booked in for Wakefield instead (which is cheaper anyhoo!) and there are still spots if anyone's keen.
  20. Thanks for the tips mrkotter. I tend to move out of the way out of instinct from the road so its going to take some focus to not do it. I'm going to be pretty reluctant to pass anyone unless i absolutly have to.