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Eastern Creek Ride day - 27.07.2012

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Enigma, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Hello fellow Netriders,

    I will be going to the ECRD on 27.07.2012.

    White group here and first time on the track. Absolutely excited!!

    So, will there be any other peeps booked into this day, if so, Raise your hand so I'll be sure to say hi.

  2. i wish!!! will probably book one in the next couple of weeks....but its always a 6x week wait.

    just take it easy for the first couple of sessions, its trickier then it looks

    good luck!
  3. Sorry champ, I'm there next week.
  4. Won't be there but I'm sure you'll have a ball.

    Just remember - you are there to have FUN, not break lap records.

    Think I should get my next one booked for a couple of months or so...
  5. i'm booked in on the 9th September, will be my second track day. Lots of fun, even on my little 250 :)
  6. Thanks guys,

    I'm sure this won't be my last. Getting more pumped up.
  7. Dam there is one spot left and im keen as, but they say no race tape and currently my bike needs a lot of race tape :(