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Eastern Creek ride day 25th april

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by bunabaroo, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Any one else brave the elements today? Those patient enough to stick around would have had a great time in the end.

    The day started out dismaly, pissing rain and with no wets it looked very sad indeed.

    The track started to dry by the third session and was pretty much perfect for the fourth, only downside was some oil (cleaned up but still makes you nervous after the slipperiness of the rain) and other crap on a few corners, and all the crash marks all over the track from the poor unfortunate souls who lit the way through the rain for the rest of us.

    In the end the day was great, everyone in our garage was having a ball, including a young bloke named Daniel Falzon, who was smoking hot on his first visit to the creek. Nice work Dan, great to watch for the few seconds I could see you before you disapeared into the distance.....

    I was happy to have my K1 Gixxer thou back up and running after it dropped a valve at the track last November. I bit off more than I could chew trying to fix it myself, and I can't thank Titch and Steve from Motorcycle Weaponry enough for the help they gave me when I got stuck with the finer details of a top end rebuild. They're a couple of top blokes, and Roger the Dyno Man's work is first class too.

    All in all a fine day for me, if anyone else would like to share thier highs and lows about the day here it would be great to read them.

    Cheers, Bunas
  2. Yes I was on slicks so not allowed out for the first 3 sessions. After that was pretty good although I probably tried too hard to "catch up" from the missed sessions. Lots of guys seemed to be taking it easy I guess the rain had made them nervous but the track felt fine once I got out there.
  3. I feel for you guys because I was there on Saturday and it was just perfect!

    The bloody drifters has left a massive amount of rubber and oil between T10 and T11 though - I can imagine it would still have been noticeable especially in the wet for you guys.
  4. haaa haa - harden up son!

    As long as you take a decent line all that bad rubber is gone by first session!
  5. Yeah the crap was still there, they dragged alot of dirt onto the track too. But Respi is right, if you took the right line from 10 to the apex of 11 and out to the concrete strip it was ok.

    We had lots of fun, even slip-sliding around in the rain, I took the missus' bike out, cos it's an old shitter with road tyres on, and was great fun on a drying track.