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Eastern Creek/Oran Park - Oct 11/12

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by sarz, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Hey guys

    I'll be in NSW on Oct 11-12 for a double-banga track day (I'm not riding, just playing grid girl) - Eastern Creek on the Saturday, Oran Park on the Sunday ...any of you lot going to be at either? If so I'll come over & say hi / give you a nipple cripple

  2. Don't trust her, fellas. She has been known to root riding instructors.
  3. Sarz, I'm half a chance at being at half those dates. It just that I rarely know what I'm doing so far ahead, but I didn't want you to think we were inhospitable in Sydney.

    If I do turn up (more likely the EC day) I'll let you know......it's always good to meet another netrider :)

    If it's ok with you though, can I take a raincheck on the nipple cripple?

  4. Dean, after what sarz posted in another thread, I would leave my great dane at home too.
  5. Ho hum. If you must
  6. ..oh and Rog - don't try to hijack my thread with dirty innuendo!

    Keep it in OT
  7. In whose end oh?
  8. Haven't hijacked anything, you nipple crippler. Simply issuing a solemn warning.
  9. Lol, after all of that I had to go back and check - I assume it's the flash one? Very disturbing thread! :shock:

    Fair warning Rog but I'm not good enough to be a riding instructor........so Sarz, so long as I'm out there, the offer still stands!
  10. Will possibly be there, as Dean has said its a long way off :D

    Have done OP twice so want to give EC a go soon so we'll see :)
  11. 50% at this point! Trackdays are weather dependent events to me. :p

    Ps:I'll pass on the nipple cripple though... :LOL:
  12. 50% will be there at EC, subject to approval from the Bureau

    thx for the cripple offer, i'll make sure i zip up my leathers all the times :LOL:
  13. I might be there on the 11th. But I'll pass on the nipple cripple part. :LOL:
  14. i'm at EC on the 11th,lookin forward to the nipple cripple. :p
  15. Sorry sarz, I won't be there for either.

    Have a great time up here.
  16. Well what a co*ck up!

    Oran Park double booked the day, so our Sunday session was cancelled. Then Eastern Creek booked the wrong day, so it was EC on the Sunday now, not the Saturday. Hope they don't ride like they handle their administration!

    EC was a good day though. Bloody hot! I played lap timer ..er, I mean spectator, in the scorching sun all day and am now a lobster. Oh the woes of being a grid girl :p
  17. Serves ya right, you Pit Tootsie.