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Eastern Creek Construction Works

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by northerner, May 16, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    Off for another track day at the Creek tomorrow (Thurs) - does anyone know the latest layout? I assume it's still the full 'old' circuit and the new southern loop is not in use yet??

    Quite keen to try the new layout but they are cutting off two of my favourite corners - 7 and 8.

  2. New layout is already in use for events.

    Motor Mag is using it today according to thier Facebook page.

    The layout you'll be using will depend on what they hire on the day.
  3. They are digging between turn 5 and 6 so I doubt you'll be using the whole track
  4. Starting to get a bit worried about this. Was booked based on full (new) circuit, current news seems to suggest it will be the 'old' full circuit - but other stories (on their website) abound of northern circuit only.

    They were selling 'northern circuit' only ride days at a pretty heavy discount so I can only hope they are not taking the piss by charging full rate and sticking us on that. Would be a severe disappointment.

    At the same time I'm pretty sure the new section is not complete yet.

    I must say the flow of info to punters is very vague...

  5. I am going in a couple weeks, my friend who works there says that we will not get the new circuit (apparently maybe opening june) we wil get the old circuit minus the two corners they took out.

    Thats the circuit that was running when i was there on anzac day (spectating), i would say you will get that.

    Call and ask but, they want to charge $250 they can answer some calls.
  6. I was out at E.C. on the weekend to watch some car racing, and the new extension is basically finished with the final hotmix layer down, concrete and tyre barriers in place, some turf put down and flag marshall points being erected.
    The whole thing is supposed to be up and running for a state car championship meeting sometime in June.
    The earthworks near turn 5 and 6 are off the track, so don't affect racing.
    The extension is tight, and I can see people not wanting to use it, just the original track.

  7. Spotted this on the AMCN FB feed
  8. Thats shit, don't like it, ruins the awesome high speed run over turn 8.5
  9. My track day was awesome - on full (original) track. Were delayed by about 45 mins due to workers clearing the area around turn 5/6 but all good in the end.

    I think that the new layout, with the additional 6 odd turns, will not be used as part of a typical track day. I assume that the main reason it has been extended is because when it's split into 2 tracks (north and south) the southern track would have been way too short and boring without the additional section.

    So I guess they MAY do track days with the full (extended) track but mostly business as usual on the 'old' full track.

    I think that makes sense?!
  10. I was at that track day too on a black ZX10 in white group, what group were you in? It was an awesome day wasnt it :D
  11. Hey - was in Yellow group. Orange Triple R. Perfect weather!

    Edit - you weren't in my garage (32) with another guy on Green ZX10 were you?!
  12. I cant remember what garage I was in, but I WAS in the same garage as two brand new ZX10s like mine, they were at the rear and I was with my mates on the other side and towards the front of that garage.
  13. I think I was in garage 13
  14. Lookin' good. :)
  15. [envy] ... [-( [/envy]

    LOL. Glad you had fun.
  16. +1....Glad you had an awesome track Northerner, couldn't get the day off to go to this one

    let us know when you plan to do another one, haven't been this year so missing it quite abit

    the main difference in the layout seems to be the whole back section of the track has been changed, was only just getting used the old layout!
  17. I was camping at turn 12 for the Barry Sheene and couldnt get my head around the new work,there didnt look to be any run off on the apex of some of the corners.It looked to be dug into the surface quite deep with a big bank.Be intersting to see how it looks when finished.
  18. Now if only they would get rid of Corporate Hill, then you could see more of the track.
    With the new extension, you can no longer access the bridge to go over to the hill, so its time the hill became a hole.