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Eastern Creek - 6th Nov

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Respi, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Anyone booked in?

  2. Was the full bag of weather today and I found it most enjoyable.

    My only advice is do not under estimate the value of going out on track in the wet..
  3. Do more people crash in the wet Respi or does everyone take it a little easier?
  4. I'd say dry is where the carnage is at! Just depends on the riders for that day i guess.

    T3 during the semi dry session.

  5. I wish I looked half that good on a bike :(...
  6. Haa haa thanks mate!
  7. Sweetie they look like slicks? Surely not today?
  8. Not slicks, I can assure you of that! Camera settings making it look like they are
  9. I went out in the rain and also on a wet track and although it was interesting to see how the bike handled it was far from enjoyable.

    The bike squirmed everywhere even with me being as smooth as possible. And even with the slightest hinting of powering out the rear would step out.

    Although that was a little bit fun at first because I pretended I was backing it in lol.

    If it rains on my next TD I'll be taking a nice nap in the pits

    From my semi-dry session

  10. whaaaat - were you there?

    I bought a spot a few nights before and was in Yellow to start - got arseholed quickly though for going to fast for that group, and green too... "Borat voice" It-a made me feeel like-a real man-a!
  11. No, sorry, just chiming in my thoughts on wet track. That was from October 2nd

    My next one is Nov 20th and given how past few weekends have been I just have a real bad feeling. But even though I'll feel crappy I'll stay in pits.

    I wish someone would tell me I'm too fast but instead I always think I'm "that" person that everyone in pits is bitching about having to pass lol.
  12. this was my 1st track day & my 'bestest work buddy' who was supposed to be giving me & my bike a ride to the track piked....something to do with with 'bike still in bits' 3 days before the big day....'cant borrow the ute mates using it for work so we will have to ride down' 2 days before..... and finally 'my aunt died today'.....

    Friday night i was checking the weather every 3 sec to see if it would miraculously clear up...

    5.30am Saturday morning....aaaaaaannnnndddd it was still wet.....**** it going back to sleep...aaaaahhh love my bed

    then the missusss is like 'go go...you'll have fun....go have fun':blah:....probably trying to guess the size of the life insurance policy on my head & how she'll spend the rest of her life being a cafe' widow perhaps.....

    Finally i am off...:biker:

    1st lap out pouring rain....this is farrrrrkkkkeddddd
    2nd lap this aint so bad
    2nd lap turn 3 hell yeah Rossi timee!!!!
    2nd lap turn 4 noooooooooo......low side into mud - this is not fun & it hurts ouch!!!:eek:wned:

    after getting stuck in about 30 conversations of people ogling my bike & saying how it wasn't so bad & how it'll polish off & how it could have been worse i missed the 2nd run & the California bike school tips ( which i really needs...doh)...

    anyway 3rd & 4th run out were dry...wow!!! & it was the most amazing thing i have done maybe everer & now i am hooked!!!!!! cant wait to do it again..i dont need womens anymore!!!

    pissed down for the 5th run out & i still went out, only about 4-5 people were brave/stupid enough to do so, while everyone else got back in their BMW X5's & went home...it was even worse now & i flinched evertime i thought about going down:eek:hno:....came in in about three laps when i noticed he guy in front was going all crossed up...this is not fun again

    Unfortunately had to ride home for 45min in that shit wit no blinker & useless hand signals damn woman made be buy a car with no tow ball...

    everyone was quite friendly & it was certainly a memorable experience but i will be renting my own ute next time or buying something more practical than a golf
  13. Why do you think you crashed?
  14. not 100% sure.

    This was my 1st track day & never had the front & rear consistently slid around like that as i have never ridden in the wet at these sort of speeds.

    Lap 1 i was taking it pretty easy hanging my body over the side & keeping the bike fairly upright. I did notice the front & rear crossing up subtly & not so subtly several times causing under steer. It felt weird but as i said never experienced this as i mainly poodle around in the wet on the road.

    I have lost the front & rear in the dry & unsettled the bike & corrected it nicely but in the wet it felt odd, more subtle, but like it could let go at any time.

    when i came up to turn 4, as soon as i tipped the bike in a little bit & got on the gas i was off no warning at all....it felt like i lost the rear but it was definitely a low side.

    The tyres were pirrelli speed demon road tyres btw.

    After the 2x dry sessions the tyres looked very chewed up.
  15. Geeez - I'd be stumped too..............

    Slow and steady wins the race old mate (A BMW X5 owner told me that once)
  16. T4 at EC is always slippery in the wet - maybe the muck rolls down from the hill and hangs around for unsuspecting riders? I don't know.

    From personal (and unfortunate) experience, the front won't always give warning in the wet especially - most especially if you're under brakes.

    Of course you'll do what suits but for me unless I'm on wets, I wouldn't bother with riding in the rain at EC.

  17. I can see another off for POPEYE in the not to distant future.

    Turn it up Dean :)