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Eastern Creek 5/2/11

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Sprinter!, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Hi

    Im arranging a group booking for this day. I already nearly have 10. Ive done this before and its not too hard but I havent tried on here before. So lets see who is interested. ECRD are hedging about what the cost is for a group but website still says $199 at the moment. Once I get the 10 Ill see if I can pin them down. At that point I'll need payment. So I dont need any money right now just an honest expression of interest. By honest I mean if you are only 50/50 or whatever then say so. I dont want to count on someone in the numbers just to find they were tyre kicking.

    I know it seems a long way out but the days have a habit of booking out well in advance.

    So sing out if you are interested and I'll take it from there=D>
  2. Just found out cost will be $219. Not cheap but cheaper than full price still.
  3. Im interested! I could maybe bring about 3 friends along too but ill have to check with them first
  4. Excellent. Can you get back to me ASAP? Id like to get the first 10 in soon since Im close to numbers now. I can always add extra people to the group once Ive got at least 10
  5. Quick bump. Also looking at maybe doing a day later in the month instead so let me know if that suits better