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N/A | National Eastern Creek 28th of March

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by KANGA, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Hey guys I'm booked in with 2-3 mates for slow group at the creek on the 28th. I believe the 29th is the start of the Easter holiday weekend so if you feel like turning it into a 5 day weekend and nicking off work on Thursday the 28th come along :)

  2. Nice one kanga! I can't make this one I'm doing the 5th of march at EC and Wakey on the 22nd.

    Have fun mate!
  3. No worries mate, have fun at yours! Real life has just becomes breaks between track days for you hasn't it lol :p
  4. Track days and dirt days heheh.......
  5. I wish mate! I haven't done a track day since the 12th when we were all there.

    I'm in the process of getting an MA license so I can start club racing.
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  6. I'd love to catch up again but couldn't wrangle the time off work. Seems everyone I work with has their whole years holidays or days off booked in already..... May have to get a new job just so I can get some damn track time in lol.
    3rd time this year ive tried to get down for a track day and been cock blocked by work!
  7. Tempted....
  8. [​IMG]
    erm hrmmm, I'll just leave this here shall I .... :D
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  9. I'm already booked in for the 8th of April with a few other people :) next time
  10. I mean the 9th :oops:
  11. You taking the ZX out?
  12. Sure am! Its time to give my baby a proper test and see what she's made of :D really looking forward to it.

    BTW, bit off topic, but I was just wondering what fender eliminator your using. My bike came with a tail tidy already installed but I want to get something even cleaner.
  13. Oh your gonna have fun! just don't be a Muppet like me and try to wave at a 250 rider as you go past at 220 hurts ya shoulder just a bit :p
    My bike came with a yoshi tail tidy if I remember correctly.
  14. Hubby and I will be out there that day - then I've extended my Easter weekend by taking the Tuesday off too - woohoo. I've also just booked for Friday 5 April. Haven't been since early January so I'm feeling a bit track-day starved. See you out there!
  15. I'm booked in for the slow group on the 28th too - taking the DRZ400SM out for my first track outing. My mate's just got a Ducati 1198S Panigale so we're covering both ends of the spectrum :)

    Don't worry, I'll leave you plenty of room to pass me on the straights (but watch out for me on the corners!).
  16. Just look out for the big yellow 46 on the back of a black and yellow helmet and you will know its me :)
  17. How did everyone go? I saw your husband out there rose, accidentally held him up walking down the back of the garages but gave him a wave when I recognised the sex machine.
    Talked to your mate with the 1198 GD but you were of down doing the learners briefing. Gave you a wave as I went past a few times to :)
  18. so jealous right now.....was a perfect day for riding too :)
  19. was a awesome day for riding, I only had 1 good session at the end though other wise I was stuck behind traffic and seriously frustrated. I came in and went back out again at least 4-5 times to get away from traffic. Definitely going up a group next time. Had a few mental road blocks from my last excursion out with the low side which I thankfully managed to break through in the very last session.
    Seriously hot though, my calves and my clutch fingers cramped up on the ride home from about concord back to Annandale. I had to down a table spoon of salt and drink a few cups of water before I could get my leathers off once I got back to my place. Going to get a trailer soon for sure, I want aircon and comfort on the ride home after exhausting my self lol
  20. damn i thought the weather looked good and coolish....but i guess things get funky in a bitumen/concrete jungle like the creek. Still jealous though, when are you going there next?