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Eastern Creek - 20th November

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Donshe, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Anyone else out there?

    Fingers crossed its sunny :)
  2. Sunday here :(
  3. Im there both days. Its my Birthday on the Sunday so you have to let me be fastest in the group
  4. Sorry if Ive asked you this before Sprinter, but what do you ride?

    So far Ive only met Simon Lockington off here when I just happened to be lined up next to him at the start of a session.

    Myself and L0b0 will be in Yellow on Saturday.
  5. Orange 675. Im in Yellow too.Couldnt get a spot in Green. Been on waiting list for Green for about 2 months it feels like. Why wont anyone drop out?:nopity:

    Im usually down around garage 5 or 6 roughly...down the poor end anyway(y)
  6. see you sunday mate!

    look for the storm tropper on the r6
  7. No worries will try. Not too many R6s around after all:LOL:
  8. I know... you'd be lucky to see 13 in each group :)
  9. See you out there then, I'll be sure to move out of the way for you :)
  10. Schweet. Ill shout out "Birthday boy coming through" so you know its me:rofl:
  11. What an eventful day

    Anyone from here go down?

    There was pretty much a minimum of one bike per session down. And then the special case of the bike on turn 10 exploding :/
  12. Do these nuns a favour and post those pics! You're looking very comfortable, very comfortable indeed! Well done old mate.
  13. Not THAT comfortable, long long way from that. Still found myself having a bit of a panic-freeze here and there, arms were a bit too tensed at times when concentrating on speed/lines and also trying to get a line for T1 at about 170kmh felt liek i was hanging off the bike but also hanging on for dear life.

    Sadly, this'll be my last TD till March 2011, so I'll be back as a noob next yr !


  14. Dude... crash city today... Big Time!

    Highlight goes to old mate who dropped his guts around 7 right on the racing line... Overall though I had a great day did 4 good sessions and packed up and pissed off home rubber side down.

    obligatory pics..

    Here's me trying to offer an alternative to weed and feed.

    I like this one - purchased.

    same same but different.
  15. Sweetie I just love your stubby.........
  16. Sugarplum I can't observe it clearly due to the Copyright watermark......where's that famed seat of learning fellow when you need him.
    Darling has the look of the Jardine GP1
  17. Haa haa now I'm following!

    P.s he just came back from Thailand and I think he came back with more than he bargained for...
  18. Lookin great Respi. Im still trying to figure out which to buy from JPM and his overpriced catalogue.

    What's the go with people crashing on beautiful days and ****ing it all up. I don't get it.

    Our highlight was a big oil slick from 10 to 11 left by the exploding Kawasaki.
  19. Oh darling that's just delicious, my mention was of Cambridge.
    2 dry for me - some things never change