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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GoTeam, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Have a happy Easter everyone. Have fun on the road and be careful. This cager will be keeping an eye out for bikes (as always). :)

  2. Happy Easter my friend.
    Stay safe. :)
  3. Happy Easter to you as well.

    Hope all have a safe and enjoyable long weekend.
  4. I'm working :(
  5. Happy Easter, everyone! :grin:
  6. Happy easter everyone.

    Dont forget, it's all cameras and idiots out there right now, so play safe....
  7. Safe celebrations everyone, enjoy your weekend :)

  8. Happy Easter Pplz ... All Ride safe :p
  9. Same to you & the NR family. :wink:


  10. Yeah, happy easter to all! I am off down teh Clyde in about a half hour, on a brand new rear tyre, and possibly riding into showers...could be fun!

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Have a safe Easter people. The roads are horrible this time of year.

    I think they are going to let me go home today \:D/
  12. Happy Easter to all, play safe and eat lot's of chocky. Glad your doin ok too Vic, have fun all.
  13. Easter road toll stands at 11

    The Easter road toll has already reached 11 just one day into the five-day holiday.
  14. happy easter all, pls ride safe.....and watch out for eachother too.
  15. Happy and safe Easter NRers.

    Just in time for Hot Cross buns and the Easter Bunny Vic.

    MG you stole my picture :grin:
  16. Happy Easter everyone :grin:

    Hope everyone has a chocolatey good time :p
  17. Does the fact that I have only had chocolate bunnies and wine for dinner the last three nights mean anything??? :? :?
  18. Yes!!! It means right about now a bad stomach ache should be setting in :LOL:.
  19. And the best remedy for that is chocolate...for brekky