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Easter Time

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete the pom, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. OK, for the first time in about 3 and a half years at easter I'll be all on my own. No wife, no kids and no excuse not to go for a big ride or head off to a big event.

    Whats going on at easter bikewise? Give me some ideas of what to do with my four days of freedom.
  2. There's a massive Blues and Roots fest at Byron Bay...
  3. The time should be used for appropriate religious observance...

    {runs into nearest corner and hides}

    J/K folks
  4. So big long fast bike rides then??

    i'm sure the Church of the one True Road could instruct you in proper religious observance for the afore mentioned period.
  5. Ok more info. Im in Melbourne so it has to be somewhere I can get to and back within the fours days.

    Although getting pissed and stoned at Byron sound like a good idea I think the time thing just wouldnt work
  6. Actually I'm hoping St Skuffy will be coming up here sometime around then for just such a purpose....
  7. me & a few mates are going to Tassie for easter ...
    traveling the west coast this time .... any 1 is welcome to join in .... prob 7 day trip
  8. Not bike related but I've been informed that the Confest is on. I should warn you that there is there may be people in attendance who are semi or unclad...
    Alternatively, there is the Mallacouta Easter Festival and there are great roads out in East Gippsland. :)
  9. I'm not so fussed about an Easter Festival but Mallacoota / East Gippsland sounds good. I've been there in the cage a few times and the roads look awesome. I'd be keen :grin: