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Easter Sunday - The Big Walhalla Ride Revisited

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by streetmaster, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. [VIC] Easter Sunday - The Big Walhalla Ride Revisited

    VIC - Easter Sunday - The Big Walhalla Ride Revisited

    As I cant make the Saturday ride & it looks like a great ride (thanks to Lukes planning), I've decided to re-do it on Easter Sunday.

    Difference being we will meet at the Mobil servo cnr. Stud & Wellington roads. 8.00am & leaving at 8.30 am sharp. NOTE NEW TIME

    Level 3 Easy ride, but Learners are welcome as we will be taking it easy. Police are on the lookout!!
    A few different roads that I know of in the area instead of the freeway ride suggested home.
    The route I'm looking at is,

    Stopping at Noojee for morning tea
    Moe for a fuel stop
    Walhalla - lunch
    Korumburra - afternoon tea & fuel

    Weather is looking the same as Saturday, 25 & sunny.
    So,, who's up for it??
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  3. might be up for this will let you know by friday
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  5. that doesn't change a thing if people forget to change their clocks and rock up an hour early... ;)
  6. Thats true ](*,)
  7. When are you expecting to be back at Rowville or there abouts?
  8. Google says its around 7 hrs + stops
    So maybe 5.30 - 6.00
    Can always bail early if you need to.
    I'm in Berwick, so wont be going all the way back to Rowville! Just put it there for continuety!!
  9. maybe leave 8:30am, will be plenty light by then. plus with the extra hour's sleep, it's not too early to get up ;) 6pm after daylight savings is effectively 7pm now time, which is getting around dusk. after a long ride you may not want to be riding in crap conditions. plus you're wasting ride time in my book, if you leave after 7am :p

    pretty interested, you may see me there.
  10. I could be in on this, depends if I can wake up early enough after a 2.30am finish tonight! Even with daylight savings finishing and an hours more sleep, I will still feel buggered. Will be bailing out early too, probably once we reach Walhalla.
  11. Thought about that, but leaving the time change this late in the game wouldn't be fair.
    Some people may not look at the forum b4 the ride leaves. If this was suggested 2-3 days ago we could have changed it.
  12. hour early is fine with me :p
  13. this ride sounds good for me .will see you 9.00am will poss leave @ Moe. see how the time go's .

    thanks for the map looks good

  14. I'm in. Bringing couple more. Is it still 9am? I'm also keen on early start.
  15. Looks like most want to leave an hour earlier!!
    OK then we will make it 8.00 meet & leave at 8.30
    Will mail those that have shown interest to let all know.
    Hope no-one misses out!
  16. Did this ride today, came home after reaching Moe.... and I'm stuffed!

    Thinking of doing it again tomorrow... ..

    With I had some time to sort out this helmet cam >_<
  17. C'mon mate,,, harden the f##k up :cheeky:
    Just kidding
    If you are comming, dont forget to note the new time!!
    8.00 leaving 8.30!!
  18. went today, wanna go again tomorrow, BUT the minister for war and finance has arranged lunch for us with her friend.........mutter mutter mutter

    have fun guys......

  19. ](*,)

    Ask the minister for tourism for pardon.
  20. When I work out exactly what time of the day it is, I may scoot up the road for another blast to Walhalla and lunch.