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VIC Easter road safety operation launched *Targeting Motorcycles AGAIN*

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Holiday blitzes are not out of the norm but there's a CLEAR motorcycle point and focus tabout this one.


    Oh crap, sick of highlighting, it's ALL about us..............](*,)](*,)](*,)

  2. "...with many people using holidays and good weather to get out on the bike. We encourage that, but encourage people to do so safely. "

    Like fucking crap they do
  3. Exactly, they'd rather see less of us out there..
    They should not be pulling riders over for not wearing something that's not legally required...
    I wear my gear as it's my choice and would highly and always recommend it to anyone but if it's legal to only wear a t-shirt then they should lay off...

    The least they could do is stick to pulling riders over due to an infringment rather than no reason at all....
  4. I would love to be pulled over, at least I would then know there is actually some police presence on the roads I ride on every day.

    Would be nice to give them the list I have in my head of the cars I see every day at the same places doing the wrong thing. I would really like to tell them about the girl in the silver golf with the iPad strapped to her steering wheel updating her stalkbook status every morning.

    Anyway we all know that Easter is blitz time; bit anoyed that they are focusing on bikes but it makes them feel good I guess.

    On a more serious note, have a safe Easter on the bike all.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  5. Doubt you'll be saying this when your riding progresses to places like the spurs....:p :p
    They're there like a plague and it'll quickly start to piss you off...](*,)
  6. ^ fair call
  7. "Now that I have your attention Officer, I'd like to talk to you about Jesus."

    Wonder how well that would go down??
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  8. Well this part could be argued if we just show them the "why do we speed" thread...
  9. They obviously didn't bother to look at the weather forecast for the weekend, faffing on about

    And for the people of the area, sorry, but I was asked to go for a ride up there on Sunday to help put money back into the local economy, but I'll head west instead, where there are roads to be ridden without overt interference ](*,)
  10. Oh yay! Now I'm excited about Easter!
  11. This is interesting. Can I ask about this? We've often wondered if the over policing of these areas had a direct affect on the local economy. Seems that maybe there is a direct impact?!
  12. They talk big.. but theres hardly any cops down here on the peninsula.. i only ever see a couple of hwy patrol cars.. and an booze bus, or a couple of cops doing an rbt.
    when i see swarms of police ill be worried, but every "holiday" period.. normally at the end of it.. its cars wrapping themselves around poles, or crashing into other people.. due to drunk driving,dangerous driving,people trying to get home as quickly as possible, and not focusing.

    I can only hope this easter the road doesn't claim more riders.. and drivers, and then maybe just maybe they'll realise its not about motorcyclists
  13. minglis,

    I was asked yesterday to go for a ride Sunday through the spurs, and was ambivalent until this report which made my mind up to go elsewhere.

    I'll do the spur another time when it's quieter, it's just not worth the aggravation when there's a blitz going on. We know we're in for grief one way or the other, no matter how you ride or what the idiot cage drivers are doing ](*,)
  14. I'm tempted to put my stock exhaust back on, and then go troll them by riding in shorts and a tanktop.
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  15. Oh yeah, at 20km's under the limit the whole way.

    Back & forth, back & forth, back & forth.
  16. Funnily enough I read the release and it looks to me more like they're looking at recreational riders in the National Parks in those areas rather than road bikes??

    There's a history of unregistered/unlicenced riding in National Parks because they're out of sight so if they start sorting them out it's not an entirely bad thing.

    Remember several of the fatalities last year were off road crashes so it sounds like it's their turn.
  17. In first gear.
  18. Except for this bit?

  19. More harassment and this includes the media release. Fancy targeting and bullying one Victoria’s safest road user groups especially when their own operations prove this is the case.

    Hey Victoria Police its Easter. Leave the people alone!
  20. I thought that NOT riding the spurs was a progression in riding?