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Easter ride to Canberra

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Exportswede, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Ahoy,
    I'm thinking of heading up to Canberra over Easter and need some ideas for routes/roads not to miss.
    I need to pass by Bega on the way up, as I have to stop by for a visit to a friend's place, but otherwise it's all up to me.

    Any ideas from people who have gone up that way before?
    Don't want to do too much freeway/highway/straight stuff, but also preferably no huge amounts of gravel roads either

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  2. Hi, ExportswedeExportswede I have an itch to go to Canberra this Easter also. Mostly to check out the War memorial etc. Getting there? Well If there was a sealed road from Tumut east to Canberra, then the route would be easy to plan, so, you would have to go up to the Hume which ruins the route. And, as you want to stop by in Bega, then the choice is Bairnsdale etc. Melbourne to Bairnsdale file below.

    After Bairnsdale, you could head up and check out the Buchan caves. (45min tour)

    The you could head north from Buchan to Brumby, (50km of Fantastic sealed Road) then it turns to shit gravel. But if you can handle a narrow gravel road for 25km
    you come upon Mckillops Bridge.


    Be warned, The 25km of gravel will take an hour to the bridge, then another half hour of gravel on the other side to bring you to Bonang and Delegate.

    You could stay on the highway after Bairnsdale and on the Orbost, then take the Bonang Hwy to Delegate. (It has 11km of Gravel with some corrugations)
    Then on to Bombala and on to Bega.

    After Bega, go back down the Princes Hwy and turn right for Candelo. (it's scenic) then Bemboka, Cooma, Canberra.

    Enjoy your trip.

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  3. Bonang is a must, even if it's not my favourite. I've never been down it but titustitus seemed to love the Imlay rd, maybe try it then head to Bega.
    From Bega you can go up Brown Mountain on the Snowy mountains HWY, never done it on a bike, but it was fun in car. From there if you have time, turn left at the Monaro hwy and then turn right up to Dalgety. I kept going all the way to Jindabyne, but it does add time to the trip, so you can turn right and head to Canberra from here. Hopefully someone can give advice on a better way to canberra from here, it's pretty boring.

    Google Maps

    I've not done this road, maybe someone will have here , but it's another option.

    Google Maps

    On the way home go up to Jindabyne and down the alpine way. Or take the Snow mountain Hwy (my favourite road for a view) The problem is the best bit is after the left turn to Cabramurra which I haven't been down, but it looks a beaut. Maybe b12mickb12mick has a good plan from here?
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  5. Thanks BjpittBjpitt and Wheres me BoikeWheres me Boike , these are some great suggestions. I'll definitely look into all of them. Bega has been taken off the list as a must-stop now, so perhaps I can squeeze in more twisties and cool discoveries instead. That bridge int he photo above looks pretty stellar. :)
  6. How long have you got ExportswedeExportswede, if you don't need to go to Bega anymore, you could try going to Bright then either over Mt Hotham or Falls Creek and onto the Omeo Hwy, north to Tallangatta, Khancobin, Cabramurra, Tumbarumba, Tumut, Wee Jasper, Canberra. At least a two day trip, heaps of twists and turns, all tar except about 20 km between Tumut and Wee Jasper
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  7. Was thinking of heading home that way, and going up over Bairnsdale and continue to Canberra via Bombala and Cooma. I have the four days over Easter, that's about it, really, and I need to be back home in time for work again, Tuesday morning. :)
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  8. The road between Canberra and Berridale, over Shannons Flat (Adaminaby), is there any dirt stretches on it? Also, does anyone know about the road between Jindabyne and Corryiong, over Crackenback and Tom Groggin?
    Thinking of heading back that way.

    Also, one more questions, what of the stretch between Tumut and Adaminaby, which is the Snowy Hwy, along the water for a stretch. Is it worth bothering with?
  9. If you're coming from Tumut through to Adaminaby and Cooma, the road is excellent, was there 6 weeks ago, as is Jindabyne to Corryong, it could be cold and windy at higher elevations so dress for the occasion, if you have time, from Corryong, Swampy Plains Rd to Cabramurra then Elliot Way to Tumbarumba, excellent run, you may want to take another week off as there are too many good roads just to be passing through, also a nice road to Charlotte's Pass however it is a dead end so you just have to come back almost to Jindabyne, take your wets as the weather can be unpredictable at altitude.
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  10. Brilliant, yeah I was thinking of doing some riding while I'm in Canberra, and I was looking at heading out over Wee Jasper, down to Tumut and Adaminaby and back to Canberra.
    The way back I was going to head straight down to Berridale and Jindy, and then over Tom Groggin to Corryong and possibly take the road over Granya in to Albury, where I'm staying for one night. Final stretch getting back to Melbourne will be over Tawonga Gap, Bright and the road between Whitfield-Mansfield.
    On the way to Canberra I'll be going over Bairnsdale, then up the Bonang to Bombala and Dalgety, and possibly into Jindabyne (again) just for the hell of it. :D

    Next weekend can't come soon enough! The twisties are waiting!
  11. I believe there is about 20 kms of gravel between Wee Jasper and Tumut as I was going out that way but locals said it was a bit rough.
  12. I'm thinking of going that way on Monday or Tuesday, it is gravel for 20 kays or so.
    I asked my father about it, as he travelled that way a lot when I was a kid. He just laughed and said it was "rough" and thinks I'm a fool for wanting to go down that road, haha.

    I'll report back here if I tackle it.
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  13. It looks rough on Google Street view.
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  14. If the google car can do it, it can't be that rough. Unless it wasn't a car, and this guy took the photo's :p

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  15. You could take the C456 (Murray River Road) from Tintaldra to Albury via Walwa instead of the B400 (Murray Valley Hwy). Both are nice but I think the C456 is more scenic, and maybe less traffic.
  16. Was thinking of heading up on Tooma rd to Tumbarumba and then down to Granya that way, which mean's I'll get to go on the C456 for a bit too. As a bonus, I also get to go past a place called Bringenbrong and than in itself is worth an extra few km's. (I frickin' love Aussie place names sometimes). :D
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  17. You could easily spend a week just riding the roads in that area alone. The Link Way / Elliot Way between the Snowy Mtns Hwy and Tooma Rd is a corker too.
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  18. Ah man, I am sooo looking forward to this trip!
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  19. #19 Bjpitt, Mar 23, 2016
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    Ok, so I'm back home now. Yep, don't bother going the Wee Jasper to Tumut road. It's dirt almost all the way to the Brinidabella rd. Some of the dirt is okay, but alot epecially near Wee Jasper is loose gravel with sharp edges. I was doing 20Km/h over some of it... whilst I could do do 100km/h on the hard packed stuf, but that was about a 3km stretch only. It's also not that scenic, I didn't stop once to take a photo, so not worth it.

    The sealed bit of Brindabella road is awesome though and the road to Wee jasper is also great. But I recommend doing the ridin my other post above instead. Better ride imo, no driveways on the good bits and much more elevation changes. Plus if the weather is good, you can swim in the river and lay on the beach (yes I'm serious, Casuarina sands is a great spot, but there are others).

    I came down from Tumut, Batlow, Tumbarumba, Jingellic, then road along the Murray River rd towards Albury. I stayed at a free campground not far from Jingellic called "Burrowye Bend Murray River Reserve". I've heard the pub at Jingellic is nice to camp at. But the Burrowye place is nice and I just wanted some quite time (went to a funeral in Canberra). I then rode to Albury and down the boring highway as I had no time to take the fun roads home.
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  20. Righto, might just give Wee Jasper to Tumut a miss then, and go suss out some other roads instead. Thanks heaps BjpittBjpitt for letting me know :)