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Easter long weekend Bathurst Motorsport Festival.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. anyone going here


    Special deal for bikes . .

    Its the first year running.
    A couple of us are camping in the pit paddock this weekend, if anyone else here is going - make contact.

    There will be other riding clubs there, I figure it would be a fair chance others here will be there camping.
  2. mm 12 hour race, might just head up for this, been a LONG time since I went to a race meeting at Bathurst..
  3. If there is no trailer invovled I owe you a beer :p
  4. Alex
    No trailer involved . . . i promise !
    No Forester involved either. :LOL:

    Just the Duc and camping gear.

    I've been challenged by the lasses i'm going with to tough it out !!!

    yeah Paul, it will be fun . . going to be chilly, but the camp fire, sound of engines, other bikers, country night sky . . . going to be tops !!!
  5. get this . . just stepped out to get lunch.
    I noticed outside my office window which looks down on the MOS (Museum of Sydney) forecourt, there is a press release for this weekends race !

    So I went down and had a photo taken with Chris Atkinson ! . . . you guys know that i'm a Subaru groupie !

    Watch SportsTonight everyone, you just won't know who you might see ! ;)
  6. Hmm, might have to drive over for a day.
  7. See ya there :twisted: :LOL:
  8. Hey Mitch you should come for three days!!!

    Then I can dump my camping gear in your car :p :p :p
  9. We have reserved a 10mx8m space in the exclusive bikes area . . .

    If your interested, PM Mel . . hahaha, she made up the Group/Gang/Club name !

    And no, its not Netriders ! :LOL:
  10. :p Lol, nice try. I would come for all 3 days, but my car just cost me $650, and now I'm in debt to my sister. :( So it's a fair bit of a might
  11. Aaaah it was worth a try :wink:

    Shame you can't make it for the full event, it sounds like fun!

    And the Ninja seems to handle being loaded up okay:


    C'mon Friday! :grin:
  12. luv the pink sleeping bag, dahhling :rofl:
  13. The bag matches the jacket :p
  14. i'm playing with my luggage setup also !

    My folding chair and tent look like rocket launchers on the side of the bike ! :eek:

    I think we go to the local St Vinies !
    Buy an old couch, use your charm to get a local Ute boy (it is Bathurst !) to bring it to the track.
    And we slowly gut it for fire wood on the second night ! :LOL:
  15. Sounds like a plan Micky! :LOL:

    Actually that's my chair in hot pink strapped on the back there... comfort and with built in cup holder... going in style baby! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. i think i'm set !

    panniers carrying clothes, ventura back stove and cooking/eating stuff, tent and deck chair hanging off the sides !


    Is this a sign that I should get that Pegaso or F650GS ????
    I like adventure touring ! :cool:
  17. Hmmm dunno how the Ninja will take this, the poor old girl :LOL:



    Well I'm ready to go... I think I've got everything except the kitchen sink :shock:
  18. damn !!
    your looking more compact than me !

    Isn't it suppose to be the other way around !
    This looks like i'm carrying the hairdryer and curlers ! . . .:LOL:

    /flame suit on.
  19. Have a great weekend :cool:

    Take some pics with no trailers or Subarus and you get your beer :beer:
  20. By the time you read this you would be back, so i hope it wasn't to cold for you all, you silly buggers! :LOL:
    I dont feel so silly now, I'm going for 8 days and i dont think my bike is that loaded. With saddle bags and pillion seat bag :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Hope you all had fun. Heaps of photo's micky.
    Cheers Lou