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Easter Creek to Picton for Red Bull XRAY - THIS SUNDAY

Discussion in 'NSW' started by goz, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Eastern Creek to Picton for Red Bull XRAY - THIS SUNDAY

    OK, Red Bull XRAY is on this weekend at Picton, so if anyone want to join me for a ride down, your more than Welcome..

    Meet at twin caltex servos, west bound on M4 @ 8:30am, leave 9am sharp

    What is Red Bull XRAY i hear u ask


    So whos coming?
  2. So shall we do a lap out through the Oaks on the way ?
  3. yep, through wallacia, silverdale rd, oaks, down to picton
  4. I have interest in this. Never done a NR ride. I mightn't stay for the red bull show, but at least ride to picton then back. How many people you expecting on the ride?
  5. wouldnt have a clue, hence why its posted here :)

    as far as im concerned, its me and a mate riding down, this is here if anyone wants to join in
  6. Instead of continuing through the Oaks and down to picton have you gone out to Oakdale and to Picton via Barkers lodge rd ?
    Some tight as well as sweepers and plenty of straight sections to 'relax' while just cruising at the state limit off 100 :angel:
  7. Hmmmmm not much interest eh, oh well
  8. I'll come along
  9. me aswell

    im just trying to work out if use my day pass on Saturday or Sunday
  10. Hey Goz,
    As usual I'm a definite maybe on this. I had planned to spend tomorrow knocking together some shelves to tidy up the kids tv/Wii/PS/DVD mess but if its a nice day I might be slack and take off instead :woot:
    If I miss you at Caltex I know the way and will catch you there.
  11. No worries, see yas there around 8:30 - 9am
  12. ill aim for 8:30 ish coffee a must have :)

    another magic day like today would be fantastic
  13. seems the weather will be fine, i also recommend people bring something like a lid from a jar so your sidestand dosnt sink into the ground :)
  14. If i can sneak out, i may drag the kid along, but will be coming from the opposite way, it's a maybe though as i got away with a 6hr disappearing act ride today
  15. Forgot the Mrs had plans for today already,cant go as I'll have to leave the kids unsupervised all day. Have fun.
  16. A squashed coke/V/pepsi can does a good job too
  17. #18 goz, Sep 12, 2010
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    Was a ripper day, heaps of bikes, and what a good day to be on a bike, while people in cages had to park on the road and walk 1km, bikes got priority access and got front row parking...

    Heres a video i made from today on my iPhone (im impressed with the quality)



  18. I heard on a radio traffic report that the place was filled and they were asking people not to come????
  19. yeh, I heard the same about 2pm. Report said that Appin Rd and Picton Rd were in shutdown mode and Razorback was just a no go zone.