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Easter Break Eve - whats everyone up to?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by imajo, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Well I get to finish work early today (2pm) so i think im going to head off to the Black spurs for a quick squirt. Wont get wacked with Double demerit points if i get caught speeding.

    Have to make the most of it as the weekends not looking too good to do anything. Monday im up to the Mt dandenong - boyfriend duties :-( but hopefully the better half will go with her friends in the car so i can hop on the bike and have a few quick laps up and down the Mt. Hwy.

    Be safe over the holidays people!
  2. I'm going to bed cause I'm going fishing at Bribie Island bright and early in the morning... :cool:

    I will then endeavour to put a new chain on my bike as the old one has had it! :(

    But yeah, everyone keep safe :!:
  3. I'm goin fishing to hopefully catch some huge trout :grin:
  4. Well going to see "Worlds Fasted Indian" tonight.... rest of the weekend is a writeoff with family and Husbandly duties ( I hate Easter!)

    I think i have Saturday night with my mates though :)
  5. Friday - Down to the Island to get some earmold plugs

    Saturday - Up to Blackwood for the day

    Sunday - My Birthday and GF's for lunch

    Monday - Sleeeeep
  6. Tonight have nothing planned, tomorrow night going to Sth Bank for coffee and saturday heading up to Shepparton :D
  7. Working. Have an overtime on Good Friday, then dayshift on the weekend. Which is good, as if I'm going away, I prefer to do it during the week or at low periods when there's less traffic on the road. Plus the extra dough doesn't go astray...
  8. Family stuff on Saturday, and I was silly enough to agree to get a mate's Tiumph Stag running after 3 years storage...

    I think I'll go for a ride - there's a polo match up on Dinner Plain that might be worth a flying visit!

    Hey Greg - I see you've scored a new bike! No more "Man Bag" I see - Congratulations!

  9. All Im doing this Easter is making thousands of Hot X Buns.Yay.Easter sucks!
  10. I'll be riding twisties and/or the track and staying under 6000 RPM. :)
  11. Southbank coffee tomorrow night.

    Sunday going to Phillip Island to visit rellies.

    Otherwise, nothing planned. Hopefully I'll have a chance to get out and about on the new bike though.

    Hey Greg - you said you're going to the Island to get some Earmold plugs. Is there a retailer down there?
  12. and then you're having us over for dinner ...when?? :LOL:

    i'm off to confest as always... though think it might be a tad on the cool side for getting naked :? :wink:
  13. everyones weekend sounds a slight bit better than mine

    friday - headin to my aunties for lunch

    sat - riding to waterloo, drinking

    sun - drinking

    mon - drinking
  14. I'm going on my first dirt bike adventure. A mate of mine has a massive property west of Bathurst and he's just got a new KLX250 and he's asked me to come and give it a go.

    I'm excited!
  15. [Neil] "Stop it man, you're freakin' me out..." [/Neil]

    Carri's a hippie, Carri's a hippie!!! :p :LOL:
  16. no new news here buddy! i'm afraid most people here already know i'm into 'peace, love and wholemeal bread' :grin: ... oh, and getting naked, of course :LOL: what's not to love about it :grin:
  17. You'd better not take the bike then, or I'll be singing...

    "Carri's a squid!!! Carri's a squid!!!" :LOL:
  18. Well, i'm waiting to get my bike fixed......... The worst thing is this is the first time in 4 years i've got Easter off!!!
  19. Fri: Gf mothers for fishermans basket and easy dvd's

    Sat: heading noth of the state for some fun riding and seeing my 93 year old grandmother at weymouth (n-east of launceston). I sort of stopped counting, how old she reall is is anyone guess. So Its the east coast highway to the Fingall valley road then straight on to launceston. If anyone visits TAS, please Please do yourself a favor take the east coast highway to hobart.

    Try and avoid the main highway between HBT and L'ton... crappy surface, idiots and a full on bunch of "are we there yet!!!" boring road...

    sun: relax and go swimming Riding and BBq!!!!

    monday: the durge back to hobart....

    Tuesday: PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!!! HAHHAHahhaaha my Gf has to work!!!
  20. Clive,

    How do you know about Carri's dangly bits :grin: