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Easter 2014 Trip To Ayers Rock

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Wheres me Boike, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. Easter 2014 Trip To Ayers Rock

    It was Good Friday 2014 as I rode out of Melbourne at the crack of dawn. My trip to Ayers Rock and back would be crammed into six Days. As usual my well planned itenary would keep me off the main Hiways and on to roads I have not seen before. I got off the Western Hwy at Wallace and went through towns like Creswick, Clunes, Avoca, St Arnaud and Warracknabeal. I picked up my first Traffic Infringement in 8 years just outside Warracknabeal. $180 and 1 Demerit point.
    This is Grain\Wheat country with huge Silos along the route.

    I turned right at Pinnaroo and headed north towards Murray River Country. I went through Loxton, Wakerie and crossed the Ferry at Cadell.

    Then into Morgan where I would stay the night.

    Morgan is a little paradise and I envy the lifestyle of the people living in this district.

    Day 2
    On the road bright and early again with another 800km+ counting down on the GPS. The scenery is wide open Hilly countryside and just excellent to ride through. It's a far better route to take than the main drag from Adelaide to Port Augusta. I remember seeing three huge Wind Power Generators. I went throught Burra, Gladstone, Laura, Melrose and Wilmington. Then crossed The Flinders Ranges to pick up the road to Port Augusta. It seemed half of Adelaide were heading to the Flinders Ranges. There were qeues one hundred metres long at every petrol Station. I got some Food, Fuel and changed to my hot weather riding gear, checked the Bike over for any problems and headed north.

    It does not take long outside Port Augusta when you realise your not in an urban enviornement anymore.
    The scenery changes from Vegetation to, well, no Vegetation. There were lots of interesting features off in the distance. Lots of traffic heading north. I saw a group of guys with a old Statesman and a CBR250. After about thirty km they would stop, swap the Helmet and gloves to a different guy and get back on the road. Then he would redline the Honda for thirty km. They must have passed me out about five times then I would pass them out while they changed riders. I recon it was a fun way to get to the Rock.
    I stayed in Coober Pedy that night. Coober Pedy had just some of the worst rain in years, leaving some underground dwellings with water damage.

    It's been 12 years since I was last here.
    It has not changed much.

    Day 3
    Easter Sunday and I was on the road before Sunrise.
    With just 750km to the Rock, as I wanted to get there mid afternoon, so as to check out the Rock and the sights before night fall. Lots of dead carcasses on the side of the road. It's amazing how many Fuel trucks travel this road. Watching the Waypoints tick of on the GPS keeps me amused. It's a long road. It's not for the faint hearted.
    I love this kind of Touring, and as I write this, I find myself thinking, I wonder, when can I do this ride again?
    I got to Erldunda around 11am. My rear Tyre was wearing the centre rather quickly. I would have to keep an eye on it.
    I got to the Rock at 2.30pm.
    I think everyone who arrives at the Rock has a "Holy Fcuking Crap, That's a big Rock" moment, including myself.

    Last time I was here was on my R1100RT back in 2001. The asian tourists almost need watercooled cameras, as they were clicking like it was the end of the World.
    It's a festive atmosphere at the Rock and everyone's in a Party mood. You are not frowned upon if you decide to climb the Rock, but you are definetley not encouraged.

    And judging by those on the Rock, it's not for the Weak and Frail .

    Then just before dark, sixteen buses show up with tourists. The linen tables come out. A Dude gets out a large Wok and knocks up a stirfry, and the Champagne starts to flow. The Atmostphere is just bloody sensational. Stop thinking about that Trip to Ayers Rock and just go an do it.
    Got fueled up for the morning as I had a busy Day planned.

    Day 4
    On the road at 4.30am and only 7 Degrees on the guage. It was dangerous with animals on the road so I kept the speed at 90kph. I got to Erldunda at 7am with 1026km still to go.
    I was shivering with cold and a couple of toasted sandwiches and a Cofee went down so good.
    My rear tyre (single Compound Conti Road attack 2) looked like the canvas was about to appear any minute and was very concerning. So I done another 500km to Coober Pedy. I was alarmed at the state of the Tyre. It was 1pm and I was pissed of that I had not put on new rubber before leaving Melbourne. I had planned to get to Port Augusta about 500km away but it was not to be. I rang the local Tyre guy and he said theres no Tyre available in Coober Pedy. He advised me to stay in Coober Pedy that night, and leave early in the Cool tempertures, and I would get better Tyre usage. And also, leaving at
    1pm in 33 Degrees, and with 500km to go, was not a good idea. If the Tyre failed, it would be late in the day, and I would be out of options real quick.
    So, I stayed in Coober Pedy and done a tour of the Town.
    A few Pics.
    Hans Solo was in Town.

    Not many Towns like Coober Pedy.

    Day 5
    It was 4.45am and 7 Degrees as I departed Coober Pedy. I kept the speed at 90kph and I was so releived to see Port Augusta. The Tyre didnt look that bad so I charged of to Adelaide. The shinny smooth road surface was much easier on the Tyre, so I thought about resuming my orignal itenarary to make it to Mount Gambier. Turned right at Keith and about a half an hour South it started to rain. It was dark as I put on the Winter gear, and 2 hours later I made it to Mount Gambier.

    Day 6
    This would be an easy Cruisy day. Some recent showers took the fun out of The great Ocean Road.
    I got home at 4.30pm with the Canvas showing on 30% of the Tyre.
    So, when going to the Rock, dont mess about, and put on dual Compound rubber before you leave.
    Theres nothing like riding the Outback and it was an Epic Trip. The Road, The Scenery, The Rock,
    There nothing quiet like it.

    I got "cant add more than 8 photos" error
    can I add more photos please or am I hogging the Bandwidth?

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  2. that was a great read, this year was nsw/vic for me, next year will be qld but you/ve convinced me to do your trip the year after.
  3. Nice read. Going someplace this year?

    Certainly making good use of the beemer!
  4. Hey Peppy
    I was listening to the forecast last Monday and it said Showers north east of vic. Hmm, was planning an overnighter in Bright but Naaa. So, I'll do an overnighter in Mount Gambier on Saturday Night.
    glad you liked the read. hopefully I can upload more photos. I put on 28,000km in a year on that Beemer, I think it was more fun to ride than the new one, but the new one gets those long Days done with ease.
  5. Go for it plaidler, you wont regret it. It's a very special Trip.
  6. Sounds like an epic trip with some massive kilometres covered in such a short time
    I often post trips with a post for each day, should get around the photo limit.


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  7. Weather in Bright is magnificent: don't listen to the met man! Although -2C at Dinner Plain kept me from wheeling out BS3 until later, when I might check out the Mitta Mitta road.

    It's a fair hike to Ayers Rock and back, you did well; especially considering the tyre wear. I found the PR4 to have amazing longevity compared to the PR3 and Z8, but it still only gave ~17,000 going around the island leaving the water on the right ;)
  8. Here are some more photos.

    It's a long Road
    At The Rock IMG_3673.JPG

    Climber struggling on the descent IMG_3681.JPG



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  9. Here are some more photos



    Arrived at Erldunda from the Rock at 7am with 1026km still to go.

    I stayed at The Mud Hut Motel in Coober Pedy.

    Hans Solo was in Town.
    Hope you like them.
    That is all

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  10. Some magnificent photos there and an awesome write up.
  11. Thank you
    I have only got 12,000 to 13,000 max out of Pr2 and Conti's on a 2010 RT. It seemed to chew them a bit, especially on the Mitta Mitta road.

    It's amazing you are getting 17,000 on yours.
    I have put on 7500 on my current set of Metz. So far so good.
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  12. Thank You Lazy Libran.
  13. Fantastic effort and read - thanks for sharing
  14. Great ride and a great read!
  15. I'm sorry, but I just had to laugh at that. The Wimmera is the most highly policed area in Victoria!

    That was a great trip, hopefully one day we'll get to do it too!