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East Melbourne Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DarkBlade, May 23, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just registered and thought I'd drop a line to say hi.
    Been riding just over a year now (not as often as I'd like), still on my little 250 until I can raise the funds for a real bike, but enjoying it all the same.

    Worst thing I ever did was go for a ride with a mate. As that mate no longer has a bike and I have no other friends with bikes to ride with, riding alone just hasn't seemed the same since. Haha.

    So here I am, hoping to get involved in the forums where I can but most of all, meet some new people to ride with and with any luck, maybe even some new friends.

    Look forward to hitting the road sometime in the near future.
  2. Hi Darkblade,

    Welcome, Nice riding country around your way. I would suggest go along tp the Saturday morning practice at Elwood. It is as much social occasion as practice. Other than that there are rides on most Sundays and a couple during the week. Check the Vic Announcements sub forum.

  3. Welcome to NR Darkblade. I met a HEAP of great people on NR, so sure you'll find someone to ride with.

    Come along to the Saturday learner practice and introduce yourself to the hoardes. Get in some cone practise (I should do more myself) and stand around gassbagging like the rest of us.

    Keep an eye out for Saturday/Sunday rides (learner or otherwise). Don't have to be a learner to go on these, but they're usually well organised and suitable for everyone.
  4. Thanks guys. Will definately be checking out the events announcement sub forum and hope to get along to one soon.
  5. Welcome to NR, Darkie! (y)

    Saturday Morning prac @ St Kilda is THE Place to be. Come & say hello to Doug & Dave (our resident NR Superheroes, trainers, mentors & bike advocates) & all others who train, learn and a few others who just come, stand, chat and leave. :D

    I've met some wonderful people there.
  6. yeah satdy morning rides are great,
    i just dont have satdys free to get down there anymore:(
    im always keen for someone to hit the spurs with though:) the tuesday eastern coffee meets are great too
  7. Hey guys, just want to thank everyone for the warm welcome.
    Sounds like I've got a bit of stuff to look into. Saturday morning practice, Saturday and Sunday rides, Tuesday coffee meets and meeting spenaroo on the spur.
    Can't wait
  8. Good on ya mate......more the merrier at satdy' practice (y)

    I hadn't been down for a while until this morning - caught up with the friendly faces I know.....motorcyclist are the best kind of people
  9. Well the bike is currently in bits undergoing a minor service and MAJOR clean up in the garage this weekend, but looks like I may just have to make my first appearance at one of these Saturday sessions next weekend. Be good to finally meet some friends to ride with.
  10. Hi and welcome to NR. See you at practice
  11. Welcome to NR :)
  12. Welcome! See you at practice :)
  13. Welcome to NR, and you'll find alot of people that like to get out for ride now n then, and some more so!!
    Come down, say hi.
  14. So many positive and friendly welcomes are just making me that much more keen to make it down this Saturday. Looks like alright weather too concidering it'll be the first weekend of winter.
  15. Plenty of folk to ride with here mate, welcome in

  16. I'm also new to netrider, and live not far from you, and would be up for hitting the spur with you and spenaroo.

    Might see you at Saturday practice.
  17. If your planning on going to this saturdays practice let me know. We can organise a meet up and ride in together if your interested
  18. hmm looks like i should check the weather for a spurs ride.....
  19. There's a spurs ride this weekend?
  20. not that i know of, was thinking of heading one up,
    but its going to shower on satdy and sunday morning (only time im free is sundy arvo)

    the spur tends to retain alot of moisture, so the roads would still be wet if it showers....

    still i may know of one or two backup's...