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East LINK tollway Victoria

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by izan508, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Is EastLink going to be toll free for motorcyclists like Citylink is?

    Im unsure as it is a different toll operator.

    Any Ideas?
  2. I thought they were using the same method of tolling, with an etag.
  3. I would assume they would use an etag for cars, but is it toll free for us riders?
  4. From the Eastlink Website:


    They must be planning on using camera's that take a photo of the rear of the vehicle
  5. I believe they have developed an e-tag for bikes now as it was not available when Citylink opened.

    If you look at the EastLink website you will find tolls for bikes which is still cheaper than cars.

    But the free ride is now over.
  6. Spare a thought for our NSW bretheren. They pay the same as cars and have to carry an e-tag, if I remember correctly.

    No concessions for riders up there, no acceptance of the "greenness" that motorcycling promotes, etc..
  7. and a high mounted license plate, with a low mounted ventura rack, will make the plate unreadable.

    MOD: of course this is hypothetical :wink:
  8. Talked to a rider from NSW at PI, now instead of the armband and etag thing they carry a card in their glove, just like an atm card and run that over a check point instead... still a f'd up arrangement though.
  9. As long as they don't make us carry an e-tag on a bike, and they don't charge a camera processing fee then it's really not much of a problem.

    The free ride isn't going to last forever on the rest of the tollways in Melbourne either!
  10. Being a regional Vic dweller and rider the tollways have never concerned me. The only time that I've driven on Citilink is when I've had to go to the airport, or on an occasional trip into the CBD. And ironically, the only time that I've ridden on Citilink was for a protest ride about bikes getting charged for using Citilink...

    I find urban riding as boring as well, urban riding. My city riding can probably measured in tens of kilometres, if not hundreds, at most.
  11. We up here in Brisvagas have an e-tag for the bike. U just put it in ur pocket & forget about it. If you don't have a tag it'll cost u $1.60 each way 4 the bikes.
  12. looks like i will continue to split down stud road then :LOL: :wink:
  13. It must be a different sort of e-tag to what they were using in sydney (and trialled in Melbourne) then.

    The problem was when the e-tag was in a pocket it didn't get picked up reliably.
  14. That's wot they told us to do with it. If it doesn't pick it up then that's gonna be their problem. When in said pocket it has to face one particular way(White side out). It is exactly the same as wot we had when we lived in Melbourne.
  15. say what? que??

    what is this card thing of which you speak? Old mate wasn't talking about swiping his credit card at the toll booth was he? :?
  16. Nup, you can get a motorcycle toll card - but all that is unnecessary now. Just get an E-way account and link your Number plate/s with it (car and/or bikes), thats all! You don't even need to carry it with you when driving - they assume that it just didn't pick up and match the plates, with no added fees.
  17. that's what we've been doing for years up here - is this motorcycle card just a smaller version of the (car) tag that I leave at home?
  18. The card is not like the tag at all, you have to stop and it has to be swiped at the terminals. Here's some info on the Motorcycle Card.

    Hehe, yeh, I was talking bout Sydney: just get a tag account and link all your plates to it and throw the tag in the shed :p ... Its only been around 10 months but i miss that place :cry: although i think we have it better in Melbourne - with all the footpath parking and free(for now) tolls.
  19. learn something new every day! Only for the toll roads where you have to stop for cash anyway, so its more like a security door opener rather than a mobile e-tag.

    Still good to know though, thanks.
  20. Tag smag :evil: I voted for the now ex Vic Premier-Bracks, on the premise that he wasnt going to toll the Eastern link, the lying sack o chit :furious:
    yeah yeah,I know, Sydney has payed road tolls for years [-( and tell me, is anyone happier for it :-k bar shareholders in the consortium who build the project's and some public servants? Interesting to see RACV figures on average annual running costs for a car and bike-including tolls, in NSW and Vic. My money would be on NSW being roughly 200 bananas more a year.

    :soapbox: Half your bloody ever increasing petrol costs per litre at the pump, is supposed to go to road maintenance and upkeep, and yet more and more tolls get introduced. :-s Yes, granted, $ price per barrel keeps going up, but so do taxes on it accordingly,incorpated in which is your roads maintenance and infrastructure slice of the pie :?: What happened with NSW and the closing of the roads to funnel people into cross harbour tunnel and eastern distributor, seem to recall that was a bloody scandal with the financiers railroading the government and taxpayer dollars into long term contracts after private investment bailed??? please enlighten me Sydney siders?

    Rant over 8-[