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East link Bill?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by lordtb, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Has any one been billed for using East link on their bike??

    I tried opening a tagless account a while ago but there was no way of doing it for a motorbike... Has the situation changed?

    Will I be reciving a big bill in the future?

  2. Probably.
  3. I dont nk it would be that big of a bill. I just read the web and said bikes dont need tags and you should get a bill, but they wont charge you the image processing fee. I dont know if there are any other fee involved tho. The cap is just $2.49..

    I dont have a car so I dont really know how these tolls work. Can someone here explain it for me?
  4. I rode Eastlink a couple of months ago - not long after the free period had finished...still waiting for my bill in the mail. I'm interested to hear of any bikers who have been billed for riding along there. :grin:
  5. I've been billed, but their billing system seems to be running like two months behind and their online account section is always having problems. Have an Eastlink tag for the car and the bike registered on the account.
  6. yes they are running very behind in the invoices.

    You can open a tagless account for a bike.... i've got one ;)

    Also if you have ridden the road since the time that you got the bill for, (say in the last month) it's probably still waiting to be sent out :)

    EDIT: see post below
  7. few tricks for opening a motorbike acct:

    motorbikes dont go through as a make and model.... just as 'motorcycle' and one generic year being '2006' i think it is....

    dont click validate address - may cause dramas when trying to open acct

    website times out after 10 mins of being inactive ;)

    if any dramas call them and someone will talk you through it :)
  8. yeah i been billed one month after going through, but i been through heaps of times and only got one bill. was for 8.63. I paid it via bpay. not fussed really. i try and avoid it but dunno why i didnt get charged all the other times.
    maybe they still have trouble taking snaps of the bike plates. who konws.