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East gippsland newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Traviss, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Hey all ...Quick description Have 3 bikes CBR1000rr 07 a CBR1000f 89 and a RGVM 250 91 am mad about Motogp 250gp and 125gp WSB and real road racing TT ..Love sports bikes have no time for HD, and nearly all my holidays revolve around bike races here and o/s ..
    Here's to some interesting posts and replies ...
    Regard Traviss

  2. Wow! Welcome. Nice collection, you certainly are a serious biker!

    I enjoy my CBR1100xx. What's your persepctive on the CBR1000rr fireblade, being an owner? Honda puts out great bikes!
  3. Smoothest bike I have ever cornered on..It is also a good position for the older sports bike riders ,Ive owned the bike for 5mths picked it up from a country dealer new for 14500.00 plus o/r 15200 all up the only thing that I can complain about is the plastic tank cover is getting a beating it scratches a bit to easy and the speedo requires a little to much eyes off road to read .Its the first bike I have never had to change settings on ,everything is standard position I dont think I could improve the ride ..After the first hard ride all I could say is where has this bike been for all of my life love love love ...
  4. Have you ridden a CBR1100?

    I'm guessing the fireblade corners better!

    I know what you mean about love, love, love!

    I don't think you should be test riding too many bikes or you'll be filling up your garage!
  5. only a gazillion times better!
    chalk and cheese, a bird is a typical straight line rocket, for touring. the blade is proper "sports" bike.

    as for OP and "no time for HD" i guess you never owned one?
    sure, they are no supersports, but they do their job well.
    i have the pleasure of owning one of everything :cool:
  6. I'm not a HD fan, but have a few fans of HD in my family. Sports bikes are for me. Having said that, I have nothing against those who appreciate HDs - otherwise I'd be dealing with family rifts etc.

    Corners are great but I am able to enjoy them without going flat out. I don't have to be fast on the straights to enjoy the blackbird either. The great thing is that there is a wide variety of bikes to suit a wide variety of people.

    Happy riding!
  7. Dont like the HD image and most HD rider dont like mine ..
    I ride for the ride I dont ride just for the Image ...
    20 years of road bike riding and I have never had a Nod, Wave or any gesture from a HD rider ..
    Im not into dressing my bike up like a Horse, I dont want handle bar tassels a confederate flag and prison tatts ...And you dont see the scum of the earth walking around in Honda T-Shirt...
    And My riding buddys did just get arrested for making drugs in there garage...lol
    The only time I have seen a group kicked out of the campsite at phillip island gp was a harley gang.
    Why burn jap bikes at a club meet why not a car.
    and i can continue...
  8. you just keep those blinkers firmly attached....

    welcome anyway, this is a welcome thread, not a flaming thread.
    you have an opinion, and you are welcome to express it.
    seeya 'round the forums.
  9. Hi traviss. You have very good tastes in bikes. Know what you mean about HD. Partner and I bought a Sportster to race a few years ago. Chose that class as it is what we could afford. Needed a lot of development to make it perform and get to the pointy end of the field. It was a lot of fun though.
  10. Well put Joel.

    Traviss, you'll find a lot of HD fans on this site. There are many different types of HD riders these days from all walks of life!

    I understand what you are getting at, but I still nod at HD riders. I've noticed that on popular bike trails (ie great ocean road) and in country towns, riders nod often but on freeways or in city streets I rarely get a nod. The way things are is the way things are.

    I used to live in a small rural area where everyone knew everyone, if you passed another car you could tell if they were just visitors because they didn't wave as they passed.

    Enjoy the ride!
  11. Joel I do realise its not all owners .I explained a little why I don't like them ( There are many more reasons ) I will say that the machine is associated with undesirables in the community and what other brand of motorcycle has this type of reputation ?
    Yes I do like ribbing HD riders I find their skin a little thin when it comes to your bikes inadequacies and buell riders don't take it to well either ( yes they are HD 90% owned 40% parts, factory connected to the same lunch room.)
    And Joel Blinkers are made of leather for horses ,that would make them a HD accessory .lol
    Anyway thanks for the welcome I will try to be nice to the HD riders ...