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East Coast QLD & NSW - where to go?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Hey all you sexy people,

    I'm heading down the coast from Agnes Water QLD, to Sydney.

    Any must see places I should... see? Go to?

    ALL SEALED ROADS, please :)

    Already got on the list:

    Tin Can Bay dolphins, Nimbin, Mount Warning and Byron Bay (I just wanna see it for myself).

    Anything else?

    I'm looking at taking about 10 days to get to Sydney, so can fit in quite a bit! (I LOVE bushwalking, nature, animals and anything exciting and dare devilish!)


    hols :D
  2. Noosa, Mooloolaba and the Sunshine coast hinterland. Sensational roads. Good night life in Mooloolaba. Nice but quite in Noosa.
    Coffs is a great stop half way down the NSW coast. Good partying.
    Newcastle has some great night life as well. If you cant be bothered going the extra three hours to Sydney.
  3. I'm not huge into nightlife, really. I don't drink or whatnot, I'm a bit of a boring cow.

    I'm really just interested in good roads, short rides each day, good food, cheap accom (read - backpackers) and some really interesting and fun places to go to! Fun things to do :D

    Also, any great bushwalks with wicked clear lakes or anything breathtaking? I'd love to go for a good walk, work on the tan and the belly and then go for a swim :D

    I kind of thought there'd be more replies by now........ :(
  4. hmm well you listed a whole heap of them, if it's riding you want to do then google maps is your best friend. Port Macquarie has a lot of sentimental value to me, but i believe it is now an upmarket resort town, much changed from when I was young.

    Dorrigo has some walks, might have a few swimming holes as well, not really sure. Diamond Head is pretty cool, about 40k south of port. South West rocks is worth checking, I believe there is a 20 odd metre jump into a pool or the sea or something. Yamba/Iluka is a pretty cool coastal country town with some walks, beaches an an emu.
  5. I have always wanted to make a meandering trip down the coast stopping at all the little coastal towns along the way (the ones that aren't on the Pacific Hwy).

    Why not just do something like that?
  6. Many great little spots, which I also want to spend a couple of weeks hopping between.

    Around Ballina for a fair stretch is a beautiful area, but then the whole East Coast between the border right down to Newcastle is nearly all great country. I especially like the Northern half from what I've seen travelling through. I reckon I could throw a dart at the the first 3-4 hours South of the border and be very happy with just about any spot.

    Plenty of nice spots between the bigger places like Coffs, Byron, Nambucca. Somewhere here is handwritten Foolscap page of recommended places along there I was a few years back by someone with family in Ballina and knowledge of a sizable stretch along there.

    I'd say just plod along and also check a few places on the water that are a bit off the highway and stop for a bit anywhere that feels good.
  7. Just looked at South West Rocks, and it looks brilliant, as does the diving! I didn't realise this was in NSW! I've seen many video's about it: http://www.southwestrocksdive.com.au/home/introduction

    Thanks :D

    Because I'm not exactly on unlimited funds, so having a rough idea is essential. Don't want to have a flat tyre and THEN find out I don't have the money for it. At this point, I don't have tonnes, so we'll see how it goes.

    Thanks, some good places around there. I'll look more into it. :)
  8. Go to the natural bridge, great ride out there.
  9. Natural Bridge?
  10. In the Gold Coast Hinterland, also known as Natural Arch. It is on the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road, which in itself is a great ride. From Murwillumbah you can continue down to Nimbin. Nerang turnoff to Nimbin is 111 km so allow 2.5 hours or so on the road with a short stop at Natural Bridge.

    For lunch you can also stop at the Advancetown Pub, very bike friendly, which is at the northern end of the Hinze Dam. There is a cafe at Natural Arch as well.

    If you were to do a ride from say Caloundra/Landsborough turnoff, to Landsborough, Peachester, Woodford, Mt Mee, Dayboro, Samford, Mt Glorious, Mt Nebo to Brisbane, then the Natural Bridge you would have covered much of the best bike roads in SEQ. An option from Woodford could also take you out via Somerset and Wivenhoe Dams and back over Mt Glorious etc. But you are talking the best part of a day to cover that if you are leaving the Sunshine Coast that morning, though continuing through to somewhere like Nerang would not be a big effort, straight down the M1 for 45 minutes.

  11. Somewhere along there there's a spot you can get to that's the Easternmost point of the Australian mainland.
  12. That would be Cape Byron, a short ride out from Byron Bay town centre. I think there is also some museum of the whaling station close by also.
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  14. I was thinking that too Mav, but as sad as it sounds, I'm more interested in the places than the ride. Seeming as I've not ridden in close to three months (I FINALLY got licence sorted out yesterday, and rego today! yyaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!) I don't want to push myself on beautiful twisty roads just yet that I can do any other time.

    Really just after some special spots.
  15. well Cessnock is the home town of the Hunter Valley wine region. so maybe stop there for a few nights and check out the wineries. There are a few minibus winery operators (not to mention the cheese makers...mmmm) so you don't have to necessarily drink and ride

    Wollombi pub is a famous NSW stopover for bikies...

    any dates for when you expect to do this trip? maybe look in the NSW events calendar to see whats on i.e. special events etc
  16. I go to Wollombi often from my house in Sydney so won't go there probs :)

    Leaving this Sunday, and now looking at making it more simple but still going to see tonnes of places. Doing a fairly direct route and going to mainly stay on the highway on the way down.

    I will do a proper road trip another time (when I want to enjoy the roads more than the destinations)!.

    So far looking fairly basic, but got tin can bay, maroochydore, glass house mountains, byron bay, possibly nimbin, south west rocks, broadwater (a little sugar cane town - they do THE best steaks i've ever had), port macquarie and stay at a backpackers there, and maybe one other place on the way back to sydney.

    thanks for all the suggestions :D been a HUGE help! so excited about south west rocks!
  17. i do love cheese... but i think i'll leave the hunter for another time, as it's not too far from my place in sydney, esp. as i've been there a couple of times before on the bike.
  18. if you can make it to The Entrance they have a regular 3pm feeding and show for the local wild pelicans...it's very accessible and free. not to mention at low tide you can actually walk across the bay on the sand bars!!
  19. oh really? that sounds fun :D i might just do that! :D i LOVE pelicans - one of my fave birds.