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Ease off the front brake just a touch

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dav, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Here' one for the track day fans.


  2. wtf a bung wrist? I've done worse while sitting down...
  3. Those new BrickWall brand brakes and tyres really do the trick.
  4. Wow, the bike took flying lessons
  5. AHHHHHHH, a corner!

  6. I just poo'd a little
  7. I paused the vid at the same point and just stared for a few minutes.
    And I imagined the laws of physics bending, just a little bit - fuck I love motorcycling...
  8. Can someone explain to the newbs how they would have managed a stack like that?
  9. Shit load of entry speed with a trigger finger!
  10. What an idiot.
  11. Assuming there was no mechanical failure, I'm assuming the rider, for some reason, grabbed the front brake in a panic/absent minded moment, rather than setting up the brake & gradually squeezing harder.

    ie, "Oh shit, that corners coming up really quickly", grab brake, do superman impression.

    That's my guess.
  12. settle down, never made a mistake have we? i am sure he didn't do that on purpose
  13. Shit, the guy in the light leathers was lucky not to have the bike embedded into the back of his helmet. Could have ended much worse for both of them.
  14. Maybe he was trying to do a stoppie...
  15. That's mental!
  16. G'day everyone,...

    That'll probably pollish out!


    Dr Who?
  17. farrrrrk, story goes, if you have never stacked it on a track day then you've never been
  18. Stacking on a track hurts, especially the hip nerve.
  19. A good endorsement of trackdays, though. Better to do that there than going over Mt Hotham.