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Earthrace/Ady Gil rammed!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by fekkinell, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Deliberately rammed, wouldn't the japs be liable??
  2. If you put a tiny boat in front of a big ship, what do you expect?

    It looked better when it wasn't playing eco-martyrdom.

    {Picture taken in Ulladulla harbour, on the NSW South Coast, in January '09}
  3. I think the smaller vessel is technically meant to give way, and the Ady Gil was attacking the Japanese ship with prop tangling lines at the time, allegedly.

    Still... It's more than a bit mean to deliberately ram them while they are stationary like that.

    Plus the Ady Gil has fixed props and only rudders on the sponsons for steering so it's fast, but not at all manoeuvrable at low speeds.

    It will be interesting to see what the authorities say.
  4. Yeah, it's terribly sad, especially that our so-called government just lets these criminals do more and more damage to our environment and to those few people with the guts to defend it.

  5. It's even sadder that our government does and says nothing about the murder and torture of Tibetans by our Prime Minister's mates, the Chinese....

    oh, wait, that's right, whales are more important than people, aren't they?

    silly me.....
  6. I can probably think of another issue more important too, if I try, but can we concentrate on one at a time?

  7. Saw it at Warrnambool in late '09 and it looked to me like it wouldn't take much to break the thing...........
  8. lol, more like following the footsteps of The Great U.S.A
    Even Obama refused to meet Dalai Lama when he visited D.C this time. Ridicules me.

    Having said that, I feel the Government should at least send a rescue team for those aboard Ady Gill, and since it occurred inside Australian territory, they should send someone to police the area :|

    @Stivor: More important issue than killing humans? I wonder what? Increase on milk prices by 17c within months here in Australia?
  9. I loathe Japanese whaling but Sea Shephard's dangerous actions are bound to have comeback
  10. Yes, but would you rather they sit on the sidelines and chant slogans, or perhaps write a formal letter?

    Our government tacitly supports the actions of the whalers, despite claiming they are acting illegally. Someone has to do something. These guys, risking their lives and spending their own money and time are as close to heroes as we can find in this world now, IMHO.

  11. They'd be REAL heroes if their efforts and the untold millions of dollars being poured into their campaign, were directed at suffering humanity, instead of some ideology-driven defence of animals who neither know nor care that we exist, nor know or care what we are (supposedly) doing for them.
  12. look, animals need a voice.

    though, crying foul after deliberately putting yourselves in harms way seems to be the MO for these eco-wankers!
  13. Why?

    Who are you to say where their priorities should lie? There are already dozens of humanitarian groups working worldwide on just such causes. How could the Sea Shepherd's group's expertise be used to help out?

    Why should humanity take priority over the rest of the Earth? Sorry, but it sounds a bit self-defeating to me.

  14. Sorry, for a second there i thought you were talking about Australian cattle farmers, who clear native vegitation and allow their cattle to stample the ground to a state where nothing can regrow! But let's not look at ourselves when we can blame the asians for the worlds problems ](*,)
    no one seems to be complaining about the Tuna we strip out of the ocean and sell, dispite the fact we are doing it to extinction

    The security video from onboard the japaneese ship shows the protestors, at the last second, driving forward infront of the ship.

    I love they way they claim the ship "came out of nowhere" and "swerved into them" The thing has to weight 50 tonne, be 25ft heigh and take a few hundred meters to turn! How does it "come out of nowhere"? Next time, use your brain and dont drive between huge ships. It is like someone on a bike circling around trucks, then complaining that they were run over!
  15. Last time I checked the cattle farmers were doing a much better job of caring for the environment than the government.

    It does look like that, yes. The Ady Gil/Earthrace has fixed twin props and one rudder on each sponson. (They are those outrigger things)

    The only way it can manouever at low speed is through thrust and rudders. Therefore, in order to turn, it has to power up. You see?

  16. LOL. Now I won't blame the cagers anymore for their infamous one liner after driving onto us "OH!! I never saw you!!"
    If those guys on board the Ady Gil couldn't see a 25feet high ship, we are just tiny dots in comparison :p

    But.....that Ady Gil was one nice aqua batmobile looking ship :(
  17. I cant get over the attitude of some people here...
    Every topic tends to get twisted and contorted until someone can make someone elses post seem stupid or unthoughtful ....
    We arent talking about starving kids in china or aids victims in Africa, or the kid down the street who only got one PS 3 game for xmas... we are talking about the bloody Whalers in Aussie waters Sheesh!

    Oh no the Japs have a bigger ship, best we step aside and allow them on their merry
    " scientific" way......
    Japan is in contempt of the Aussie Fed Court order so why oh why do they get away with it???
    The sea shepherd and its crew are defending our whales * respect*
    Would be nice if our Government would grow a nad sac and send the military out to escort these ships from our waters and bill them for the trouble..
  18. we do more damage by stripping Tuna from the oceans that the japs do by killing a few whales, so why don't we set an example and stop Tuna fishing? Because that would me WE have to give up. It is easy to tell everyone else to stop doing things, but when it loses US money, we aren't so wquick