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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Wreckaotik, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Anyone else just get that? About 10 seconds of tremor!! I'm in Ringwood... Victoria. (and yes, the earth moved for my wife as well)

  2. Yes my wife just asked me in Numawading Vic
  3. yup. Indented Head on the Bellarine but only for a second or so. Glad it's not just my mind playing tricks
  4. Same here in Ferntree Gully, strongest one I've experienced!
  5. Yeah! felt the house shake and it was a freaky feeling. Maybe i should go check on the bike in the garage.

    I'm in Doncaster area btw.
  6. yep, about three seconds down here in dandenong, could hear the plates shifting, and then it was just light tremors. in fact i think it's still going on lol, but it could be my imagination.
  7. Just listening to ABC news on radio nothing as yet
  8. Reporting it on 774 now
  9. Certainly seemed like a tremor here in ferntree gully.

    For a minute, i thought the hounds of hell were running over my roof.
  10. Yep. Mount Martha. Biggest I have felt for a long time.
  11. It was quite strong in Lancefield.
  12. Went for about 10 secs here in gippsland. The windows were rattling and the ceiling fans were shaking - the worst one we've had out here to date.
  13. Lindy On ABC 774 is taking calls on it right now, seems quite wide spread
  14. lehmo ‏@lehmo23
    Earthquake in Melbourne. Tony Abbott has already blamed the carbon tax #eathquake
  15. didn't feel it :D Riddells
  16. 5.3 near Warragul
  17. 1 - 1.5 seconds here in Diggers Rest.
  18. And there goes yet another chance to light up a cigarette, look across at your dearest, and ask "Did the earth move for you?"

    The Geoscience Australia website has crashed due to the post-tremor traffic.
  19. 5.2 Richter from the US Geological survey, centred 130km southeast of Melbourne. Lasted 10-12 seconds in Brunswick and definitely the strongest I've felt.
    edit; small aftershock just now too.