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Earthquake Rocks Moe!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by FormerUser2, May 2, 2005.

  1. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  2. Why do people pick on Moe?
    Whats the difference between Moe and all them other little towns around east gippsland?
  3. I don't know where it is... But now I hate it.

    Thanks Martyh!
  4. This was posted a few months ago i think, by someone else, except it was about maquarie fields. still funny though. in fact, itd probably have been funnier if i just shut up and didnt mention anything
  5. ROFLOL...
    Yeah, Moe cops another one (joke, not earthquake that is).
    I always like to push the buttons of Moe / Traralgon / Warragul natives... even if it is with the same ammunition, it still works. ;)
    I'll be sure to pass this one along.
  6. I heard it actually did $10m worth of improvements....

  7. There's a suburb / town called Moe?

    Might as well ask for it to become a low-rent area, naming it "Moe".

    Worse than calling it "Werribee"...

    (hides behind flame-retardant desk)
  8. A friend of mine came out from the States back in the 1970's as a teacher. His first school was Traralgon Tech!

    He had the best comment ever about Moe. On his first day in Traralgon he walked into the Royal Exchange Hotel and over a beer or six earned a reputation with his comment:

    "You guys got towns named after the other two Stooges as well?"

  9. Actually as someone who worked at the TAFE campus in Newborough (a suburb of Moe) for 10 years, it's not all that inaccurate.

    You forgot to add the black moccies for formal occasions...

    There's a certain irony about THAT case too that the media never picked up.

    The body was found by someone I knew. She is actually Lady Yocklunn, her husband is Sir John Yocklunn (he has 2 knighthoods - one for helping set up the University of papua New Guinea and a personal one from Lizzy for organising her tour of PNG and the Pacific many years ago.) John was the chief librarian at Monash Gippsland at the time...

    She was at the dam with her grandkids when they discovered him.

    Not one media person picked up on that contrast between the families.

    Truthfully though, Traralgon has more street crime than Moe. It also has more night life which probably explains it...

  10. when i was young and desperate (the times change but people don't) :p i went out with a girl who loved in traralgon, caught the train there every other week-end.

    now that is one boring place for young people
  11. Did she love anywhere else as well??? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. I was John Yocklunn's Admin Assistant. I still work there.

    It is very boring here that's why it's good to be involved in motorbikes. It has one thing - great roads for riding.

  13. Have you heard from John since he moved to Queensland?
    I've been out of the Valley for a good few years now.

    It's a very small world. A guy I worked with also lived next door to some of protagonists in that case and I was actually in the next room at the Yallourn Campus when the cops came looking for the gentleman who had the pigs head...
  14. It is a small world. We haven't heard from him, when they first moved Patricia sent us a letter, but that's been it.