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Earth tremor?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Hey all. I was just sitting at the table doing some study and the bloody floor, chair, table, pot plant on top of the table started shaking. Lasted about 7 seconds. Anyone else feel this?

  2. I heard it, but didn't feel it.. :?
  3. Nup but I am up 30 storeys! :shock:
  4. LOL who u got under the table Rosie?

    :LOL: Sorry coulnt leave that one alone
  5. i thought that was just my stomach :?
  6. Sorry!

    My fault!

    -I'll warn everyone before I get an erection in the future!

    Return to your homes!
  7. Obviously not a common event then? :p :LOL:.
  8. So did you hear it AnotherMacca? Where are you located?

    jd - that site doesn't work. :? I'm trying to find out whether what I felt did indeed happen.
  9. Believe me, baby... it's real :cool:
  10. Okay, try just going to the seis homepage http://www.seis.com.au - then click on "Latest Earthquake News". If something did happen they should be the first ones to know about it (Edit: Nothing on there at the moment though).
  11. So the earth moved for you too ? ;)

    sorry Rosie, could not help it !
  12. I'm in Mornington. I thought someone had backed a truck into the factory wall.. :? 3 seconds later I got a few MSN's asking if I'd felt the tremor..
  13. Discussing it on the radio 774 right now.
  14. Yes!!! I didn't imagine it.

    The rest of you - I figured you'd all respond as such. :roll: :p :LOL:

  15. AWESOME!!!! So I had every right to feel scared?! How far/wide did they feel it?
  16. 774 guy just said it was approx 3.5 on the richter scale and originated approx. 70kms east of Melb. with a radius of about 50kms.
  17. I leave Sydney: Sydney gets hammered by lightning storms.

    I leave Melbourne: Melbourne gets shaken by an earthquake.

    I leave work today: oh come on, come on, please, pattern & logic; don't fail me now...
  18. Ktulu... :LOL:

    Here's a link to info on the quake:

    click here
    P.S....mods...I posted this here in General Discussion like seconds after the quake (well I went to the loo first) because I figured I was about to die and I didn't think anyone would be aware of my fate should I post in Off Topic stuff. You should all feel special that I did my Sept 11 type message to you guys. :p
  19. Oopss sorry Rosie i knew i shouln't have eaten those baked beans :p