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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Since buying the 109, I have been concerned at my existing hearing losses, and future ones.
    Two Wheels had a good article on hearing loss, and it is the 80-100 kmh cruising that does your ears in.

    So, had a look at the ads on NETRIDER (free plug). and contacted Earmold.

    Now, in Vic, having a supplier that is not in the phone book, or on the net makes it a little bit harder to get to!.
    By Email, was advised it is a factory in Campbellfield.
    From FTG, it is a long way.
    However, Daniel at Dansafe, and Ashley his offsider. made me welcome, and in short order had me fitted with a custom set of moulded earplugs.
    The whole proces was professional and affable.

    And I got to say, they make a huge difference on a longer ride. No more headaches after long rides!.
    Supposedly they can last for 2-3 yrs, so look out for an extended ride report on them.

    Do I recommend them? Have to wait and see. At $65 they wont break the bank, and I guess my hearing is worth 2 slabs!
  2. I just disposables, myself. "Find" them at work. I've thought about getting moulded ones, but don't know if they're worth the money. Will follow this thread to see your evaluations over time. :grin:
  3. Excellent, good to see the banner ads working.

    I have a pair of each, (speakers and without) and swear by them.

    I used to use the disposable ones but they get dirty easily and half of the plug stick out of your head. At least with the earmolds, you just wipe them and reuse them.

    I always ride with my earmolds, always. Best investment I have made.

    The SP1 killed my hearing, now teh rest of it is in Earmolds hands ;)
  4. I have to say i hadn't used ear plugs at all until i read the ACMN article. Mainly because i was doing mostly commuting type riding but as we had a big country ride planned last Tues i grabbed some disposable ones from the chemist to try out. I have to say the difference in how much i enjoyed the ride was astounding... no headache, no tinnitus, and more importantly no loss of concentration or tiredness. Only problem i found was i was speeding more in suburban areas without the sound of the bike to remind me.

    I tell you i'm converted... don't know if i'd go for the moulded ones yet given how good the disposable ones were... and you can buy a box of 100 or so disposable ones for the price of moulded ones but if you need speakers then moulded is the way to go.
  5. Previously, I used (& re-used over and over again) disposables ones. They got dirty. Also, after squashing them over and over again to fit them in your ear, they wiould expand before you get a chance to put them in your ear. Plus I think they become a lot less effective after each use.

    I got a pair Earmold from the Sydney Motorcycle Show. At first I didn't "screw" them into my ear tight enough so it was not that effective (better than nothing I thought). Now I "screw" them in my ear tighter and more securely and they work well. I put my finger on the ear molds as I put my helmet on. That holds the ear molds while the helmet slips on.
  6. Did you get them from earmold or from the imposters from earmoldme???
  7. I got mine here.

    Australian Superbike School

    2 / 76 Rushdale St

    Telephone: 1300 793 423
    Fax: 1300 884 980
  8. Do Earmold plugs provide appreciably better protection than foamies?
  9. No. I have very sensitive ears and hearing on my right ear is a bit fuxxored, so this is important to me. I use foamies after 3 failed attempts at getting the moulded ones work. I have weird ears I think. Industrial custom Earmold (http://www.earmold.com.au/content/view/22/31/) has NRR of 29.8.

    I use foam plugs that have NRR of 33. Plus, having compared the moulded plugs and the foam ones, I have to say that foam ones are similar if not better in blocking riding noise.

    Most people put them in wrong, that's why foam ones appear to be 'worse' than the moulded ones. People get scared that if they push them in too deep it'll somehow get stuck inside. They won't. A properly fitted foam plug will NOT stick halfway out of your ears, that's a half-fitted one. You can hardly see a plug if it's in properly.

    In fact, almost all foam plugs have instructions on the packaging that tell you to do exactly this - complete with illustrations. It's amazing that people still don't put them on correctly and blame the plugs instead. Once you get used to it you can put them both on in under 20 seconds.

    I suppose though, a properly made custom plugs guarantee that you will ALWAYS put them on correctly, so if you don't mind paying extra for it, go for it.

    Either way, plugs are better than no plugs! :LOL:

  10. They are worth every cent, even though the price seems to have gone up $5. Get a set.

    Yes. Some of the tappered foam ones with an outer skin come close in sound supression, but they get dirty, and therefore irritate the ear canal. Earmolds are easy to use and stay clean. No irritation. Make sure you get the professionally moulded ones, so that they fit corrrectly, and stay in place. I don't need to hold mine in when putting on my helmet, and neither should anyone with a good set.

    PS: Gracebeey, have you got a link to a similar page for your foam plugs? I know some plugs claim 33dB reduction, but are they using the same standard. People should look at the link Gracebeey provided though, as it shows the dB reduction for different frequencies, up to 40.8dB at higher frequencies, which is where wind noise is, and is most annoying to me.
  11. I use the foamies that I *ahem* find around the place at work sometimes.
    I use them a couple of times and then just wash them in a bit of warm soapy water to get the cooties off.

    I then let them dry completely and they are almost as good as new again.
    It's important to let them really dry out otherwise they become too springy, like someone else mentioned, and you can't get 'em in.

    Whatever you choose to use for noise supression it's all good. It makes the ride so much more pleasant.

    I would really like some of those Earmold jobbies though.
  12. One of my Ulysses buddies got an ear infection from re-using disposable foamies. He recommeded earmolds to me :p

    I'd pay $60 to not get an earache :wink:
  13. I have been using the foam plugs that seem to be provided by lots of workplaces for years now but recently saw a product called Ear Putty at the local chemist. It`s silicone blobs similar to blu tac but softer. Not meant to go into the inner ear like a foam plug but just pushed lightly into the outer ear. Nice and easy to use and I found them more comfy too. I think they are meant for swimmers to stop water getting in. They come in a small plastic case and should last with care. Not bad for $4.50
  14. A similar comparison to one of the foam plugs that I use is:


    As you can see, the results are much better at any levels of frequency compared to the moulded ones. Or at least, as good (to allow for slight error in fitting). Keep in mind that this is the official earplugs for NASCAR, so it's designed with lots of motor noise in mind!

    I buy my earplugs online, I find that they are cheaper than buying them locally. Even with shipping, http://earplugstore.stores.yahoo.net/ is still cheaper and offers better range than any other australian shops (better range = more colourful choices :p ).

  15. Whilst comfy, keep in mind that they may not protect your hearing as you think they do. After all, they aren't designed for noise blocking, but water blocking (just like the 'flanged' swimming plugs) - most have NRR of 22-25.

    Attenuation data for this type of plug: http://hearos.com/earplugs/products-02622.html , click on 'View Attenuation Data' to see.
  16. I got them from Earmolds. Joanne is a really nice person.
  17. Yep, those Sparkplugs look good. Tapered with smooth skin is good, as I said earlier. :)

    I tried Ear Putty, but didn't like having to remould them and push then in each time I wanted to use them. They got dirty. They weren't good for noise reduction.

    I did pay $60 to avoid ear infection! Well, that was one of my issues. :grin: I'll stick with Earmolds. :cool:
  18. Went for a quick run up to Yarram yesterday, went with No2 son, he on his Honda 250 (l's), me on the M109.
    Had to stop every 100km or so for him to fill up again, Tried earplugs, an hour in, an hour out.

    Will be earing the plugs on every ride (that I remember) from now on.

    Definite reduction in stress on the old body when the noise is reduced.

    +1 for Earmolds.
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