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Earplugs ya reckon?

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Folks,

    Some of you may recall that I organised a group buy for the DIY custom molded ear plugs a few months back.

    Click here to see what happened today

    For those that missed out, now is your opportunity to grab yourself a decent set of earplugs now that it's riding season again for us fair-weather-riders :shock:

  2. What's that??

    I can't hear you, I've got these spiffy earplugs in!!

    You'll have to speak up :LOL:.
  3. They look awesome and a lot more comfortable than the earplugs I'm using at the moment, will have to speak to the boss of finance and see if I can get myself a set of them :grin:
  4. I have 15 in stock, different colours too :)
  5. Hey vic,

    How are these compared to earmolds?
  6. #6 vic, Nov 16, 2007
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    No idea,

    They are both silicone, they are both plugs, I haven't made up a set to compare.

    A few people here have them, perhaps they can answer the question better.

  7. Mine just arrived. I'm waiting for the temperature to drop a few hundred degrees and I'm going to go out and test them.
  8. Hey Big Boy,

    Just made and paid an order. Looking forward to squeezing a load of goo into my brain. :grin:
  9. There's room??????? :LOL: :p.
  10. Heaps! But the doctors said I'd :shock: never notice after the operations...
  11. These plugs are flying out the door :grin:

    I'd love some feedback from those that have plugged their heads with tits, errr, I mean silicone
  12. I will ask around to see if anyone wants to get a set at the same time as I do, in different colours, then we can arrange to get together and make them up at the same time, that way have a different colour for each ear :idea:
  13. I've been wondering....
    do ya reckon it would be possible to mould these around a set of earbuds, take off the little rubber rings maybe. What do you guy's reckon?
  14. Nope. As soon as you got enough material around the bud you would need to bore your head out so the plug fits.

    Now if you were making a mouthguard :rofl:
  15. After having these sitting on the shelf for a month or more, I finally plucked up the courage tonight to 'make' them, and tomorrow I'll give you a road test report. They certainly seem to exclude a lot of sound; Mrs Hornet asked me three times just then to put out the garbage, but I couldn't hear her :rofl:.
  16. That's called selective hearing. A common male trait.
  17. So you're saying that I should not include this aspect of their function in the test report :LOL:???
  18. :LOL: Correct. To do so would make the analysis invalid
  19. Well, earplugs, you say??

    Muggins read the instructions, and did as directed. Unfortunately muggins had a little voice in the back of his head saying, "This stuff probably starts to set pretty quickly", so muggins didn't mix the two compounds together for long enough. Result? Two earplugs which look OK, but are still not set in places, specifically the important places :roll:

    Oh, well, back to the old drawing board.......
  20. Paul, your age is starting to shine through ;)

    The importer is dropping the Green Earplugs.

    I have the last 2 Green sets.

    If you were thinking about getting a pair and indeed in Green, grab them now before they are gone.