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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by murchy, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. So before I started riding/got my bike, I would never have considered listening to music or even wearing earplugs, despite how often I seem to hear about people doing just that.

    Since I have started riding though, I've realized how little sound actually makes a difference, I am usually unable to hear most cars (other than the commonwhores with silly exhausts), even when they are right alongside me.

    What are people's thoughts on this?

  2. I listen to music with in ear headphones, so block out the noise and hear my own heavy beats.
    It does change things a little but even thru traffic was never and issue just use an extra head turn or 2.
    but you'll never be able to have it loud enough to block it all out unless your trying to really deafen urself
  3. Agreed, i use in-ears as well turned up more than usual. The only time i've found it a problem was setting off, i never realized how much i relied on the sound of the engine revs at take off and i had to get accustomed to feeling when it was right (aka the proper way).

    Other than that, when the vfr was having electrical issues and i had to keep the revs up when stopped to stop it from stalling. Many frequent glances at the tacho ensued.

    Whatever you wear in your ears, just make sure the cord isn't in the way and that they are in nice and comfy, i find with mine when i slip my helmet on i have to stick my index finger over my ear/earphone to stop them from being pushed out by the helmet.

    You'll find your way, and your beats (prog metal FTW)
  4. Its the worst when you do a head check and if you havent got the chords right just yanks it outa the ear. cant get that back in til stopped and for me i have to take off the helmet.

    +1 Metal
  5. Most rides I wear custom-fitted musicians' earplugs - filter out a lot of the wind noise, but I can still hear traffic up to about 80kph.

    I wear in-ear phones for longer rides and whenever I need to use the phone GPS.

    Yeah. Even though I can still hear some traffic at suburban speeds, I don't find it's a good idea to rely on it. Too much gets lost in the wind and exhaust noise.
  6. besides, why do you want to hear traffic anyway? That's why custom exhausts were invented for christsakes!

    And you can most certainly still hear those through the music.

    Wouldn't you rather listen to some hairy guy screaming?
  7. I was the same, never even considered it but now it's either ear plugs if i'm gonna hit the freeway or my tunez if not.

    -10 for iPod earphones, really need to get me some of these in-ear ones.

    +10000000000000000000000 for Pendulum
  8. pendulum...jeezus.... thats some cheesy riding music :)

    My thoughts, if you want to listen to music, listen to music, if your don't then don't.

    If you do you can choose from thousands of products to find something that fits well (as everyone ears are pretty different), and lets the amount of sound that you want to hear from outside in.
    If you don't you have the option to have earplugs, a quite helmet, attenuating ear plugs or nothing.

    Make up your own mind imo. I usually commute with nothing, or some ipod headphones. For longer rides I used some in ear headphones but I found them uncomfortable after long days on the bike.

    Still experimenting with different products, I find that I can still hear engine noise and cars with just about any product, and i don't find it dangerous/distracting/impairing in any way, I find it a positive as it prevents boredom and inattentiveness on my part.
    Its just a comfort thing and how much external noise I want let in.
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    I don't even think I'd like that after disco-biscuits, let alone for riding...
  11. It's mixed in with a little Red Hot Chilli Peppers to balance it out (y) Also managed to squeeze some SOAD in there....mmmmm....SOAD....

    I've heard of someone placing their earphones inside the actual helmet's inner lining, around the ears. Could possible prevent them moving around/falling out when you head check, but it'd mean you'd have earphones always dangling from your helmet :-k
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    good choice with hold your colour (y) and nice remix! hadn't heard that before.

    I'd have to say some of my favs are [media=youtube]BeOJDgAu4LE[/media] and [media=youtube]DQA1d0QQvf8[/media]
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  14. You guys need some drum and bass educating :)

    I'm too lazy to provide such a service however.
  15. Alot of guys seem to revel with music. I use earplugs firmly inserted so that i have NO wind noise. I like hear only one thing, and that's the distant sound of my exhaust note.
    THAT'S another connection to the bike, beyond my hands, feet, and arsk, which helps keep me very focussed, without distraction.

    I can hear another bike nearby if they are really pushing it, and are looking to punch through. I can't hear cars much - don't need to coz i already know they are there, and are'nt going to turn up like another bike can in the twisties.

    I HATE wind noise! Very distracting! And tells me nothing!
  16. I use in-ear headphones that came with my Sony Ericsson. Does the job well as long as you have the ear piece in properly. As mentioned above, got to use my index finger sometimes to hold them in place. They don't cancel out all of the sound, but enough for comfortability...also my volume level isn't high, enough to hear the music/radio without blowing ear drums. I can still hear traffic without issues which is always a bonus.

    Agreed with Pendulum music. I have some of their songs and some hardstyle/vocal trance. I always liked Pendulum - Tempest at the start of a ride.
  17. Agree with wind noise and exhaust. I would love the sound of my exhaust too if it wasn't a stock high pitched 250 exhaust. If it was my VFR with HRC muffler as a road bike, exhaust note would be much more pleasing. Music keeps me focused...doesn't distract me. I don't like silence and wind noise annoys and distracts me.
  18. picked up a set of noise cancelling in ear tdk earbuds on sale a dick smith few weeks back...but suprisingly the amount of noise it cancels out was too much for me (i prefer to hear the bike's engine to some small extent)...i just use my iPhone on like 70% volume..

    +1 for not having slack on your cord & doing a head check and it rippin out the earphone.
  19. I tend to use music on long trips - like my run down to Lismore from Brisbane later this morning - but not so much for the commute. Partly for attentional reasons, partly just because it's one more step in the gear-up/gear-down and ends up not being worth it for shorter rides.

    Wide variety of stuff, usually, for... variety. Currently everything from Ihsahn and Opeth at the heavier end to Manfred Mann (Watch) and Porcupine Tree at the mellower end.
  20. I love earphones on a bike. I always use ear plugs or (decent) in ear phones. Broke my last pair so was on earplugs again for the last month but just took delivery yesterday of my new Shure E215's. These type of earphones tend to come with a selection of tips so you can pick what works best for you.

    They cut out as much noise as earplugs and then I just pump music in at a pretty low volume (like maybe 25% on iPhone). No need to have phone blaring out as you just don't need it.

    One of my mates uses normal earphones at full volume and refuses to spend more money on a decent pair of in ear phones. He'll be deaf in a few years I'm pretty sure!