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Earplugs and Other 'Maybe' Bits

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Engrider, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. So I've been riding a bit now, very locally to get some practice up. At the recommendation of a friend who is a bit of a seasoned rider, I went and got some earplugs done by Earmould.

    They work well, perhaps too well. I feel quite deaf when riding now, and most of my engine feedback is coming through my backside as opposed to the ears. The other issue is that when you pull on the helmet, your ears get smushed and it nearly pulls the plugs out, necessitating about 5mins of poking fingers and hands up inside the helmet and wiggling it all around.

    The other thing is I am wearing tinted polarised safety glasses at the moment - by the way, generally very cheap and top notch from any good safety place, Bolle and many other brands. Getting them to hit the right place in the helmet and over the ears is another bit of a pain, but I wouldn't ride without them - I like having the visor open a smidge.

    What are other's experiences with earplugs, glasses on in a helmet and anything else that's not the typical loadout?

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  2. A balaclava helps the helmet slide on over the ears without upsetting the earmolds. Otherwise I give the earmolds a twist to screw them in tight before putting the helmet on.
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  3. I always use earplugs, but only cheap disposable ones. The secret is to roll them in your fingers before putting them in - then once you've got them in they'll expand again to fill your ear canal. Provided you're only using them once (or a few times on a single day) then chucking them out and swapping to a new pair, the sound deadening is more than sufficient to block out the damaging ranges but still allow you to hear the engine and many of the other vehicles around you.

    In terms of glasses/sunglasses, this is something I'm struggling with at the moment - I wear prescriptions for driving since I'm very slightly short sighted. In daytime it's not too bad but night-time driving is a pain, especially with oncoming headlights. When I've worn sunglasses inside my helmet they've fogged up really easily, and also fallen out of position very quickly - seems more trouble than they're worth. I tried contacts a little while ago but can't seem to get used to them, so am left with blurry vision while riding (but not to the extent that it's unsafe - yet - thankfully)... However, I read the other day on another forum that some of the Shark helmets (Speed-R and Vision-R if I remember correctly) have channels cut into the foam inside the helmet to allow for glasses/sunglasses. Haven't had a chance to investigate for myself yet, but since I've got my eye on a Speed-R helmet this is welcome news!
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  4. This is correct but it's pretty low tech, however, it does provide extra room for glasses. I find that the straight arm type glasses i.e Oakley etc work best.
  5. I have the Speed-R. It's not a cut into the foam. It's a removable cushion near your temple that you can take out for extra room to wear glasses.[​IMG]
    It go into the black squares in the picture.
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  6. I had earlpugs I moulded myself and had the same issue. I recently bought Alpine Motorsafe ear plus.

    I much prefer the Apline plugs. They are effective, hardly know am wearing them after getting used to them and mostly blocks just the wind noise. I can still hear the engine and normal conversation.

    They come with 2 plug inserts. Have only tried the lower strength ones so far.

    I wouldn't call them a "maybe" bit, however. Been doing some preliminary research for a possible design proposal and would say they are a must when over 80 km for any extended period of time. Either treat them as such or end up with another plug - a hearing aid.
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  7. I use disposable ones. Use them a few times & chuck them out.

    I have to wear prescription glasses & my Shoei TZX has inbuilt slots to allow room for them so I'm happy. I'd tried a few helmets but only the Shoei was comfortable so I'm happy. :)
  8. If they are getting caught when you are putting on/removing your helmet, Earmould have not made the profile small enough.

    Call them up & ask for them to be trimmed in order to stop this happening, also you can get the length that goes into your ear reduced if you think it blocks too much sound, one of mine was longer than the other, I just trimmed it myself, if your getting the profile sorted I am sure they will adjust the length.

    BTW, is that you Trem????
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  9. Been riding for many years and never used ear plugs. I also prefer open face helmets which make the wearing of glasses much easier.
  10. Using re-usable industrial earplugs which seem to do the job comfortably enough (most safety shops). My helmet has an internal retractable sunshade which works well but I actually prefer to use polarised fishing sunglasses which give me a much better view of road conditions than non-polarised sunnies. They show up oily patches that are otherwise invisible.
  11. I wear over the ear hearing aids, which helps keeps the earmould in. Mind you I don't turn my hearing aids off.

    See if you can find something with a part that goes over the ear.
  12. I only ever use ear plugs on weekend rides. Unfortunately the vast majority of my riding is weekday commute. I don't use earplugs for this because it's just too inconvenient.

    The result of this poor practice has been I've developed a slight, but noticeable, white noise deafness. If there is white noise about, I find I can hear people but it's a strain. I've taken to ignoring people, instead of getting them to repeat themselves. I've become quite anti-social at parties and gatherings.

    So wear plugs if you can.
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  13. Whaaat did you saay??
  14. I only use ear plugs (or ear phones) on rides where I'm going to be doing 80+ for an hour or more.

    As for glasses. I wear prescription glasses and honestly it's not that hard. Make sure that before you buy a helmet that your glasses will fit comfortably and before you buy new glasses make sure they fit comfortably in your helmet. As my son found out, no point spending $300 on a pair of sunnies only to find they don't fit in your helmet.
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  15. Trem I am not.

    Let me clarify, the issue with the earmoulds is more my ears/helmet. Helmet is quite snug and it catches the top of the ear when pulling it on and mushes it around pushing the plugs out. They are flush to the dangly bit inside my ear. Maybe I just wait for the helmet to slop out a little :/. It's a Bell RS-1 which I got because it fit the best.

    Point taken. I don't have an issue with the fact I should wear the plugs, more just the stuffing about and loss of feedback.
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  16. Engrider, I have had issues with some glasses not fitting in my helmets too. I've got a HJC HQ-1 full face and an M2R 225 open face. I can't put the HJC on over the top of anything which is why I mostly why I got the open face, just for the quick local trips.
    The biggest thing I've found is that you need to look for glasses with the flatest sides arms and that fit your head width well.
    I don't have many problems getting them into either helmet but did find I'd get sore ears from the helmet squashing my ears into the arms if they weren't a flat profile or if they were too wide at my temples.
    The foam will relax a bit after you've been using the helmet a few months.
    Hope it helps. :)
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  17. I never used to wear earplugs, but since I got the V&H pipes, I find any trip over about 20 minutes at 80kmh+ (ie. the daily commute) leaves the ears ringing so I tried a few different ones and found some cheap reusable ones at RSEA that seem to work alright. They're corded so easy to keep together, and the helmet rarely disturbs them when I put it on over the top. Just sucks that they're bright purple.

  18. Sorry about that, a mate of mine recently got some earmoulds and is having a similar issue..

    Does the helmet have removable ear padding??? Try taking that out if it does..
  19. Yet, for me HJC's are the best fit.

    My suggestion is to try on many different helmets, with your glasses and buy the helmet that is the most comfortable.
    And as I said above, when you buy a new pair of glasses make sure you try them under your helmet before you hand over the money.
  20. I wear glasses and i think you just have to choose the right helmet..but over a bit of time the glasses will push the form to shape a bit better.

    As for earplugs i use Etymotic ER20 ETY Plug (cant post a link) used them for guitar playing, they help lower all sounds instead of just blocking everything. but can be a little fidgety getting them in sometimes . hope thats a bit of help Engrider. :peace: