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Earphones with mic and volume control...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by 99CIBBER, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Ok so my sennheiser CX300's just died today, so I've been surfing the web to find a new pair of In ear style earbuds to purchase. I want the functionality of a microphone for handsfree phonecalls (both on the bike and off). I also want an in-line volume control for use on the bike. Yes there's a whole bunch of earphones that will do this with the mic and volume control buttons in the same little unit. What I'm after is the volume control pod seperate to the microphone. So when riding I want to tuck the little mic inside my helmet for hands free and have the volume control further down the cable, enabling easy access to the controls.

    No joy in finding a suitable pair of earphones that can fit this scenario!

    Can anyone help??

  2. At big w the other day i noticed an inline volume control piece for ipods/iPhones. it had a female connection both ends. i would assume it'd work for any other phone/mp3 player.
    Something you may wanna consider :)
    Good luck
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  3. Can I hijack your thread a tiny little bit at the same time to save my making a new thread?
    What brand/model earphones do people recommend for a good ol' fashioned set of earphones with volume/mute control? ie. without a mic requirement.

    I do absolutely love my Sennheiser IE4 earphones at the moment, so I will check out the suggestion for the converter thingie from Big W, but incase that doesn't work..
  4. Sennheiser or Logitech for mine.
  5. Hi jack away...:)

    I think my only option is to get an inline volume control unit seperate to my earphones w. mic.

    Jaycar have a unit for 6 bucks. Dick Smitth have a nicer piece for around $25 (Can skip tracks, FF, Vol, Voice over etc) Cheers All.
  6. quote of the night
  7. here you go:

    no mic:

    with mic: selection
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  8. Has been my desire for a while too. In ear 'phones with inline mic, and a separate bluetooth unit to put on dash/bars to control volume/mute, music skip, and phone answer.

    With the full bluetooth units I find the in-helmet wafer speakers too inadequate in quality and not sound suppression enough
  9. Update:

    I ended up ordering one of these gadgets:


    Just need to work out a mounting system with easy reach to the controls.

    Still waiting on delivery, so I'll give a write up on it soon.

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  11. Did you purchase them from a store or through Ebay? Shitloads of fakes out there.
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