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Earphones while riding that dont cause pain

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Ljiljan, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. I've been on the lookout for a product for a while now. the conditions were that they must be of IEM variety and they must not cause pain or put pressure to ears/head. I think I have finally found the product, it's the soundMAGIC PL50. These things are miniscule and they sit absolutely flat and completely inside the ear. Took them on a test ride for a bit and they are certainly satisfactory though the pieces can be a bit fiddly to get in position initially but that is the same with any earphone under a helmet. Cost ranges from $65-$90 delivered on ebay or currently $60 US from mp4 nation (online store).

    A review can be found here: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/432843/soundmagic-pl-50-review

    Pics to come.

  2. www.earmold.com.au addresses all your concerns, and not real fiddly, as they're custom made to your ears
  3. And they cost THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!
  4. I paid a tad over $200 for mine a couple of years back now. Still going strong, so I'd say money well spent.

    Anyway, the earmold argument has been done to death, let's not do it again. Lilley's found a cheap alternative that he's happy with, so well and good.
  5. Sennheiser cx300 (about $80). Awesome for the ipod.
  6. I got a pair of in ear type earphones for my HTC Desire phone. Cost me $7 shipped from Hong Kong (Ebay purchase).

    So far they've been good. I use larger pillow cushion thingys to block out noise, particularly wind noise. Seem to be OK, so far.

    So, when I read the latest Hardley Normal catalog it had these "Monster" branded earphones for nearly $300. Model type has something to do with a "Dr Dre".

    I wonder if they perform 50 times better than my $6 ones. Thing is, mine has a mic and a button to accept/hang up calls and to pause/play music, and a volume slider.
  7. I use skullcandys for mine... very similar with soft foam that covers outside noise.
    Need to upgrade to a "full metal Jacket" so I'm able to take phone calls tho'.
  8. I got these same ones for same price and used them all the way to Sydney and back with no problems.
    I find they reduced a fair amount of wind noise at high speeds too.

    Having said that, this would be a personal thing and definitly NOT a one style fits all scenario.
  9. Another vote for the sennheiser cxII 300. Bought them for $50 off eBay.
  10. sorry, this wasnt supposed to be a biatch session about headphones, was just informing of a pair that arent a royal pain in the arse to wear under a helmet - my helmet is quite snug around the ears. That is my biggest issue about the cx300, they stick out to far into the helmet. these ones lie completely flat. My other issue with the senn is the J-cord but thats just a pet hate.

    I'm also aware of earmolds, however the price tag put me off, as did the fact that its only tubes to the earpiece, rather than monitor itself sitting within the earpiece. The main brand that does earmolds with the monitor within the earpiece are quite pricey, aren't really the sound signature I am after, and the sound quality would get destroyed within a helmet.

  11. My shoei xr1000 is fairly tight and the sennheiser cause me no discomfort at all. If you can put up with the j cord go for it though would have been perfect with a y cord.
  12. I hear you, but I can guarantee an hour or so with them would begin to bug me, another half an hour coming close to unbearable without a break. You can see in the pic how unobtrusive those earphones are, almost unnoticeable if not side on. Additionally, I also wanted IEM's as opposed to canal phones.

    The power of UN.
  13. yeh those. I'm surprised they can be got for so cheap, they are about 90 at jb or apple stores. Would also be wary of fakes as they are v. popular.
  14. I asked the seller if they were fake and looked at all the sellers reviews and they were all positive. I paid $20 odd for my cx300 too.
  15. If anyone considers themselves a bit of an Audiophile, the guy that runs Headphonic really knows his stuff. I have bought numerous good quality headphones from him and his advice is always great. I noticed he recomends the HifiMAN RE0 Canalphones for motorcycle helmets, check it out.


    $140, free postage
  16. you also pay up to twice the price for what you can get elsewhere, inc postage.
  17. As I said, if you consider yourself an Audiophile, and are after hi fidelity sound as well as comfort in your helmet, then the RE0's would be worth a look.

    But honestly, most people (including those that consider themselves audiophiles :p ) probably wouldn't notice much of a difference, but just putting it out there anyway.
  18. Sennheiser CXL400 In-Ear Headphones in sale til midday tomorrow (Thurs 2nd September 2010) at CatchOfTheDay for $39.95 (+shipping).
  19. i bought a pair of ultimate ears metroFi 220's. They stuck out just a tiny bit too much, and I found the included tips to be rather hard and unaccommodating, so today I came up with a DIY solution and they work great now. Would probably work for any in ear bud.

    I've read good things about the shure triple flange tips for both seal and comfort. However, they're quite expensive, and require modification to fit the Ultimate Ears models.

    This week, when riding to work, I forgot to zip my pocket up, and lost the case for my $2.50 ear plugs. The earplugs I must note, are fantastic. They're called Moldex Rockets and I got them from a safety and workwear store just down the road from work.


    So with no way to store my earplugs, and for a measly $2.50, I thought I'd try a modification. I cut the first tip off. In hindsight, I'd rather I cut it in half. When they're so cheap, I'm gonna get another pair to do a better job on. I also cut them at the base. The little green bit is solid, and goes down a little ways before the first flange. I cut it as far down as I could without having to cut through the green piece. This left a hollow dual flanged tip that fit perfectly on my earbuds. Again, in hindsight, I should have cut slightly above where the solid piece ended, as the plastic tube sticks out just the tiniest amount.

    But again, for $2.50, my earphones that would not stay in no matter what, now stay in perfectly with my helmet on, and with it off, I feel like I'm getting a better seal and better sound quality. As I'm getting a good seal, it blocks out plenty of wind noise too.

    The finished product: