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earphones that wont come off!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ibanezboy21, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. tried many in-ear earphones each one keeps coming out!

    anyone tried these before? do they actually work?
    for about $40 i say its pretty good


  2. wear a balaclava (of the skin tight variety) and that stops them falling out...well it works for me anyway
  3. ha no thanks, it already pretty stuffy wearing the helmet especially in the summer
  4. I use these Sony ones. They have interchangeable earplugs of different sizes. They work for me although this is one of those ongoing issues. To quote Monty Python "We are all Individuals" :)
  5. agree with balaclava theory, the clip of your 'chosen' buds the arm looks bulk that runs the wire to the bud, reckon youd 'peel' them when either putting the hemlet on and taking it off!!
    thought about those 'soft' in your buds that cost $200 or so that are moulded to your inner ear?
    You'd only buy them once!!
  6. I'm not.

    Someone had to say it :)
  7. I use some Logitech 200iv earphones for my iPod. They do have a few different size plugs that come with it, but I havent changed mine.
    Better than the original iPod ones.
    Dick Smith usually have good specials on them every now and again.
  8. Based on the recommendations in this thread I went with a set of Etymotic ER-6i in ear earphone earbuds. Cost me AUD103 landed in Oz. Ebay link for Etymotic ER-6i.
    Slightly moisten them before insertion, pull ear up and push in. They don't interfere when putting helmet on/off and don't fall out of your after taking helmet off. Comes with 3 flange type eartips in various sizes and 1 set of foam eartips, choose whichever floats your boat.
    Balaclava idea is good however in summer how many of us wear balaclavas.
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  10. hmmm so noone tried the ones i suggested?
    i can slide my helmet over normal ones ok but the instance i move the cable a lil but they pop out!, not good when u have to try 3-4 times ever time you put on your helmet
  11. Howdy,

    The VERY best ear buds are ... You CANT get any better than this !!!

    I also use the SMH10, It's a Bluetooth v2.1+EDR Class 1 Stereo Headset with long-range Bluetooth Intercom designed specifically for motorcycles for Phones calls and Music via Bluetooth .. And for chatting to my mate who uses my spare one when out on rides :) They pair up so we can talk to each other :) good range :) Good Battery life also .. i also pair it up to my TomTom for voice nav ;-)


    Buy local from this guy, he is awesome ..


    Also buy the add on Clamp for the earbuds ..


    The SMH10 is a VERY good unit, and believe me I'm very fussy when it comes to things like this .. It's also easy to operate with gloves on ..