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Earphones for Riding?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by robeel, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. hope this is the right section, looking for some quality phones for music while riding that will stay in?

    just using a shuffle with stock phones now but having a hard time keeping them in.

    looking for a new player too, maybe sansa clip+...

    what do you guys think of the clip+ & what phones are a good match with them that are good for riding too?

    also does the clip need a amp to get good sound?

  2. I've got a pair of SkullCandy earplugs which stay in well because they fit right inside my ear canal....
  3. what model is it?
  4. I have some Senheiser in ear headphones. They don't cut out the sound like a set of foam plugs will but they are good enough. Cost about $30-$60 from JB
  5. Even cheaper on ebay!
  6. When I purchased a $5 pair of "in ear" phones off of Ebay for my phone I found it came with different sized cushions. I put the biggest ones on it. I was quite surprised at the amount of wind noise that they suppress whilst still allowing me to listen to music or even talk audio (podcasts, audio books, etc.).

    Of course, they're not the mega buck Sennheiser or similar that have noise cancelling and hi fidelity surround sound with the London Philharmonic Orchestra strapped to the pillon seat, but they do me fine.
  7. Earmolds with there speaker tube kit,top gear
  8. Dang, I paid $180 for my Sennheiser and they sound awesome, as long as I dont have my helmet on <grumble>. I guess it depends on what feels comfortable in your ear, while you have you helmet on. <more grumbles>
  9. Here's my wish list ...

    1. Good set of cabled canal ear phones, with a noise reducing in-line microphone.
    2. A bluetooth AVRCP remote controller, with call controls (incoming and outgoing)

    All sound should be via the cabled ear phones, plugged into the source device (eg. mobile phone or ipod). The AVRCP controller can be used to start/stop/skip music tracks, control volume, identify and answer incoming calls, and initiate outgoing calls.

    I thought I'd found my utopia in the Sony LiveView, until I found that it cannot actually answer incoming calls. Dohl! An otherwise seemingly perfect product.

    My search continues .....
  10. Have you tried the noise cancelling microphone? I can't imagine it working because it relies on the noise at the microphone being the same as the noise at your ear. I would be surprised if this is the case inside a helmet.

    How did you find the PL50's?

    To OP: whatever you do, don't buy from australia. You will be able to get it from overseas shipped for half the price of what it would be here.
  11. But isn't that what the bluetooth helmet adapters use, with a mic and speakers inside the helmet? I'm assuming just because they are corded they would operate the same, reducing wind noise etc.

    Didn't like them and returned them almost straight away. Stuck out too much to be useful under the helmet. I'm contemplating Etymotic hf2 at the moment, as these have inbuilt mic. Thinking I can just put some velcro on the inline bit and secure it to the inside chin piece of the helmet.
  12. Earmolds are the only way to go for me
    I can turn the music off when I come up to some really good twisties and still enjoy the safety of protecting my ears then turn it back on when I'm on a straight
  13. How? If the source (eg. iPood) is in your jacket pocket etc?
  14. Does his earmold plug/phones have an inline mic and pause/play switch block, perhaps?

    My cheap Ebay $5 job does. I keep meaning to somehow velcro this block to the chin piece of my helmet so I can either take calls (not recommended) or to be able to easily access it to pause the music when riding.
  15. I use earbud headphones...similar to this one...


    which came with my Sony Ericsson mobile. Fits in the ear well and cancels out some road noise at the same time. I also control the volume via the phone...it resides in my Draggin pants and has a volume button on one side...so I change the volume by feel through the jeans depending how I have placed it in my pocket.
  16. Mouth, I use an old iPod shuffle which has physical buttons I can operate with my glove. I clip it to my pocket and stuff the cable slack in my left pocket and weave the cord up through my coat.
  17. Same, I have iPhone/iPod compatible Skullcandy in-ears, they seem to work better as earplugs than the earplugs I bought do, even without music playing...
  18. My noise canceling senheiser cx300ii's are drying and I need a replacement set of ear buds. Used the stock iPhone earphones the other day on a ride man do they hurt while putting helmet on and off. I'd gotten used to the comfort of the sennheisers and had forgotten how painful the stock iPhone earphones were.
  19. Scala Rider G4 and Earplugs, works a charm and voice control with the iPhone :)
  20. I purchased a BT Interphone and replaced the cheap speakers with these:-

    http://helmetspeakers.com/ model HS24. Approx $60

    Sound quality is excellent and the BT gives me blue tooth connection to my iPhone for phone/music plus pillion comms.