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Earmold - whose got em and what about the speaker option

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. I am booked in to get earmold plugs fitted tomorrow for $55 and they offered me the speaker option for an extra $140 :shock: - I asked, but no free iPod.

    I've heard good things about www.earmold.com.au but nobody I know has got the speaker option - so anyone got them?

    I am still undecided about riding with speakers. Being a typical male, I can barely do one thing right at a time, so don't really want to drift off grooving with the beat, but maybe a nice alternative for any long highway cruises.

    Thanks in advance
  2. just read a review of the earmold(speaker version) in australian roadrider.

    the reviewer isn't/wasn't a big fan of listening to music whilst riding but did like the product.

    as for me, i emailed these guys several mths ago and they have not replied to my enquiry:( currently i just wear the cheapo yellow foam inserts by 'bilson'.

    'Toecutter': where in sydney can you get the earmolds done?
  3. I have them and they are great!

  4. If you don't want to listen to music can you wear the "speaker" earplugs as regular earplugs, ie without wires dangling?

    If so, do they keep enough noise out if you wear them like that?
  5. I'm getting a pair of each made at the expo this year.

    I have seen Ray make a set of plugs with wires and they looked pretty good.

    He told me that he doesn't use crap speakers as it's not worth the money saved.
  6. Clive,

    The wires are perminantly connected and cannot be removed and refitted easily as they are stuck in with a special apoxy.

  7. Oh best things since sliced bread or bikini's :twisted:

    I went the speaker option and are f***** great , with the reduced wind noise from the plugs you can lower the volume down to a point where you can still hear everything around you ! I can even still hear the FJR with its standard pipes and the doof doof cages etc lol or if you UP the volume to max the clarity is still something to be heard !

    No you can't remove the wires if your not using your mp3 player but the few times i've gone this way ( flat batterys :LOL: ) they have still worked well as ear plugs and the wire dont get in the way :)
  8. Thanks to everyone for their input.

    Thanks twainharte - still umming and ahhing myself about the speakers, but be a nice option to have.

    They are located at Blacktown - call Joanne on 0418 605 671, for $55 much better than the disposable types
  9. Ok, now that we are playing in the right sandbox, I can tell you how my day went.

    I ended up getting the speaker ones, well they aren't really speakers, some sort of gizmo used in hearing aids, that split the sound into left and right and then run up cool little black tubes into the earplugs. They fit in behind your jaw and if anything the earplugs work too well. They block plenty of sounds out and of course the wind is greatly reduced. Getting the plugs in and out takes some effort, but they fit in really tight and even for just the plugs at $55, they are excellent value and higly recommended.

    Now for the speakers. Well I like my music and play it pretty loud in the car. So I headed up to the Blue Mountains to enjoy the music using my PDA/Phone, on full volume was probably just a bit too loud (cruised mainly around 90-95mh), but perfect when on the freeway (125kmh). Sound quality to me was excellent.

    I wore them when I went back into town, and surprised myself, took it pretty easy, and really enjoyed riding to the music and the big bonus was it made the time go by really quickly.

  10. After a few times this does become alot easyer and you hardly notice the 'effort' :cool:
    But they do definatly go in easyer if you wet them before 'implanting'
    I like to grose everyone out by just sticking the whole plug in my mouth then twist them into my ears :)
  11. hmm they look like they would do the trick for me but just wondering how the sound is like
    i listen to music when i ride as well and the ear plugs from sony that i got with my phone is awsome to listen to but they keep coming off
    and now im trying to find on that sit in my ear real tight so when i put my helmet on they dont come off
  12. You wont be disappointed with the sound. As you can see they charge $144 for the set-up, so no doubt quality parts. Their main income stream is making the earplugs for commercial applications. And it takes over half an hour to earn $55 gross and about another five minutes to fit the speaker option.

    I bought a flip face today and wore the plugs trying various ones.
  13. so in total just wondering did u pay like neally $200?
  14. Yep.

    Good quality headphones cost a minimum of $100 and they wont do much to stop the wind noise.

    And I'm not the only one impressed....

  15. The effect of good quality headphones would be somewhat lost with 100dB of background noise, or greater... regardless of the noise reduction. Don't be fooled into thinking you're going to be getting good quality sound while riding - it just won't happen.

    Personally $200 seems like an exorbitant price for headphones just for riding, but I guess it's up to you. Perhaps the Etymotics would be worth a try, I'm not sure. At least then you can use them the rest of the day quite easily. Anyone got both sets to compare? Even the ER6i offers nearly 40dB of reduction (from memory), so they should offer some good performance on the bike.

    I'm happy with bashing around the cheapy Sony EX71 headphones while I'm riding (about $60-ish), and going for quality at home with a proper headphone setup. As I said, headphones are a lot about personal preference, so make up your own mind! Only problem is you can't really try before you buy with Earmold ones. :p
  16. I just thought that as long as they sound reasonable enough when on the bike they would do.
    Unless of course your taste demands for studio quality audio when your noggin is wrapped in a bucket of foam.
  17. Yeah, and I have no doubt they do sound very reasonable. Just wanted to point out that expectation of 'quality sound' is a bit unrealistic. :)
  18. I got ear wax :LOL:
  19. Your facination with molten candles hasn't eased yet I see Glen :LOL:
  20. I think when it comes to hearing protection, $200 is nothing compared to hearing damage.

    I use some custom earplugs which I had made by Dilworth Audiology in NZ before I moved here. Cost close to $300, by they have a filter which doesn't change the sound at all, merely reduces it by 25dB.

    Mind you the fact I was playing in bands 6 nights a week at the time made it more justifiable, but nonetheless I still see them as one of the best investments I've ever made.